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  1. Hi I'm recording vinyl from turntable directly to minidisc with line-in without any preamps. Is there big difference what kbps to choose for storing (256 or 352?). Im going to listen these recordings on my stereo system at home. thanks
  2. Hi, I'm recording directly from turntable on HI-MD with typical LINE-IN cable. The question is that in my recorder there are only options: PCM (1,4mbps) and HI-SP (256kbps). I checked in manual and seems it's not possible to record at ATRAC 352kbps (fu*k!). But in SonicStage there are no convert-transfer options when importing my PCM's from HI-MD. So I need to import PCM from HI-MD, then manually convert every track to ATRAC 352kbps, when delete old PCM track, then move ATRAC3 from 'Optimized' folder to correct folder. This way takes very long. Maybe there are any other simple ways to do this job, thanks.
  3. Hi I'm searching for good earphones replacement for my md. It should be made with short wire (to be used with remote). And with good sound quality, not Sony, who's quality suffers. Thanks
  4. Hi Sorry, do these two car audio devices support NET MD? By the way, do all MDLP devices support Net MD, as default?
  5. Hi I've been searching for so long for any NetMD Car Stereo Head Unit. The Only one I found is: http://www.zandoelectricals.co.uk/Car_Audi..._MDXCA790X.html It is MDLP, and also there are words "Compatible with NetMD". This means that it will read NetMD written discs? Is it really only one Car Stereo chich supports NetMD??
  6. Hello. I just installed SonicStage 3.4. I have some tracks on My MD (MZ-N910), just recorded with microfone. Now I can't upload them to PC, Sonicstage gives an error: "The Device/Media is write protected" Error code: 0000664f. I want to have this track in MP3 format on my PC. How can I do that?
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