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  1. OK I found the answer...someone said it might be a corrupted virtual CD driver..to do with Daemon tools. No Idea how they figured it out, but i'm glad they did! http://www.softwaretipsandtricks.com/forum...ive-letter.html
  2. Nope, it should show up as removable storage with or without any drivers...the same thing happens with my digicam too. So its something to do with the USB rather than the devices.
  3. Hiya I recently upgraded my copy of XP pro because some of the windows files were causing me problems....during it, it recognised I had a large external drive (cant remember the exact terminology that was used) and said something about it...I can't remember that exactly either haha. Anyway since that upgrade I've had to install all my USB devices again..fair enough. They all work again except my NW-A3000...when I plug it in I go through the install new hardware wizard all goes ok....but it comes up under device manager as "USB mass storage device" and doesn't show up in My computer as a removable drive as it used to...nor is it recognised in sonicstage CP....its like it's installed but not recognised as what it really is. I tried assigning it a drive letter, that didn't work. Any Ideas? Cheers EDIT: By the way i've uninstalled and reinstalled through device manager and that didn't work either.
  4. uka100

    Battery Life Troubles

    Hmmm this is getting stupid now, I charge it up trying to calibrate it, and the red light goes out (mains charging) to indicate the battery is full. So i pull out the charger, but then i put it back in and it starts charging again, not just for 2 minutes...but it's been going 30 minutes now. I think im just gonna try and get a replacement, does anyone know how to go about this? Anyone been successful in getting a replacement?
  5. uka100

    Battery Life Troubles

    Thanks very much for the info, I'll give this a try.
  6. uka100

    Battery Life Troubles

    Well I've downgraded the firmware to 2.01 and I am now charging it, I will see if this makes any difference... b0ng0, I knew these things could last longer than mine does, thanks for your input =)..what firmware are you using? and what program to transfers songs to it?
  7. uka100

    Battery Life Troubles

    Oh right =(..But I have seen posts with other people claiming to have much longer...I never have any EQ on..so it's not that... "I'm having a love/hate relationship with my A3000 right now. Battery life is a third of what I expected, I'm had to update firmware on the unit, update software on my pc, defrag the thing to speed it up. It's still gorgeous though. Just a bit high maintenance. " Haha I've had to do the exact same...I love everything about it now...except the battery life.
  8. uka100

    Battery Life Troubles

    Hey I've got a NWA3000 and to me the battery life drains out very much faster than the advertised 35 hours...I know that figure is probably slighty exagerated but mine runs out in probably a third of that (About 10 hours). I have 3023 songs on it mostly in MP3 format at varying bitrates with the odd wma and wav I've used about 16-18 Gb of it's 20GB...and my battery seems to die incredily quickly, I have put the brightness down as far as possible the time the screen remains on to 15 seconds, no screensaver and no beep and it seems to make very little or no difference. I have Firmware version 3.00 and use sonicstage CP 4.0 to transfer songs. I have put the volume down to about 12 and not pressed any buttons to skip songs and it still dies really quickly...does anyone have any idea why this might be happening? Or is this just what i should expect from the unit? =( Is it worth returning? I got it from Amazon.co.uk about 4 months ago..will they even take it back? Im sure the battery life wasnt this bad when I was on the 2.1 firmware and using Connect player..could this have played a part? Thanks for any help =)
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