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  1. I'm new to this forum but have tried reading threads relevant to my question---and I'm still not sure this particular item has been fully addressed. I have a Sony MZ-NH900 and recently replaced the gumstick battery with a higher capacity version (MAh 1400). However, when I press the "charge" button on the unit, the flashing charge sign goes out after an hour, two hours, 15 minutes---it varies. When I press the button again, the screen once again indicates the unit is charging. I recall someone stating that the last 20% of the battery charge is in trickle mode and does not necessarily display on the screen. However, no matter how many times I re-press the button, it always indicates that it is charging once again. When I finally tire of this ritual and start to play music, the capacity meter only indicates full for a brief period and then declines to two or three bars. I've ordered a second battery and will see if this improves matters. Would appreciate others' thoughts. Thanks in advance--John
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