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  1. Hey, I just heard back from SP and they said that Sony said that the unit will ship between May and August. I guess that is summer! So, I'm still thinking about things... Can anyone compare the MZ-M100 to the MZ-NH700 ? The MZ-M100 looks great and it says that it's compatible with Macs. Thanks again
  2. Forgot to mention that I'm on a Mac! Should I be looking at the MZ-M100/MZ-RH1 models? THe MZ-M100 looks nice.
  3. Thanks for all of your replies. I want a limiter built in for those moments where something completely peaks the preamp. I'd rather have nasty limiting than input clipping. But I understand what you are saying. I have completey decided to go with MD and not a flash media recorder. I just like MD's and my old Sony I had years ago never had problems. I really want to go with the MZ-RH1, but I'm not feeling as patient as I should! I'm basically ready to buy NOW! I'm going to go checkout www.soundprofessionals.com right now. Thanks again everyone. Oh, one last question, if not the MZ-RH1... which one? - Matt
  4. Hey thanks to the both of you. I checked out the MZ-RH1 and it looks pretty nice. I will probably wait for that one, but hopefully it comes out soon. Maybe I can find one on Ebay? I live in the US so who knows how long it'll take? I've also looked at this: http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/gadgets/microtr...rder-151306.php But for some reason a MD seems better? Thanks again. I'll probably be posting here shortly again! -matt
  5. HI, To be honest I'm completely overwhelmed by all of the choices of portable recorders. I'm mostly into MD. I've looked at some of the newer Sonys and like them a lot. However I still don't know which is the best for really good recording. I'd like to have a built in audio limiter if possible, optical in, and usb transfer. I used to own an MD about 5 years ago, but so much has changed. Anyone have any recommendations? Thanks a lot for your help and this great web site!!!! Matt
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