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  1. ARGH! Yesterday night I recorded a show with my MZ-RH1. Today I did some (succesful) track-splitting on the disc with another Minidisc player (my old MZ-RH10) and some minutes ago I tried to transfer its content to my pc with SonicStage from the MZ-RH10. The SonicStage reported some errors during transfer, transfered just 3 tracks and now the whole transfered group is no longer on my Hi-MD. And neither is it on my PC. On the disk I can just find the two groups I did NOT try to transfer to PC via SonicStage. The third group seems to have been deleted from the minidisc. Is there a way to try to recover it?? Please help!!! (((( ^M^ p.s. I think that the SonicStage tried to edit/write for some reason the minidisc while transfering tracks to PC, and the MZ-RH10 must've run out of enough power (my mistake!). So I may have lost the whole group while doing that. Is the data still on the minidisc, in some hidden state?
  2. I have the same problem.. Never found a cure for that, though ^M^
  3. Nevermind, thanks. I already found what I was looking for. I reverted back from 4.3 to 4.2, and the problem was magically solved. Now I can transfer to CD once again ciao ^M0rk^
  4. Whoah! Anybody here knows where I can download SS4.2? On the Sony website I can only find the new 4.3. Is there any complete executable package of SS4.2 available somewhere? thanks ^M^
  5. hello, I just upgraded to SonicStage 4.3. While trying to transfer some live recordings (recorded with my MZ-RH1) from my Library to a new CD, the audio transfer to cd fails with a "cannot transfer" message on the last track of the list. Shortening the list has no effect: the error message always refers to the actual last track being transferred. Now, with all previous SonicStages (4.2 included) I had no problem whatsoever. I literally transferred hundreds of songs. Now with SS4.3 I have this bizarre phenomenon. Did anybody else had a similar problem? Thanks for any help ^M0rk^
  6. p.s. I forgot to add... Obviously, the discs I am using are write-enabled
  7. hi ya, my new MZ-RH1 has been acting strange lately... When I try to record with it, it flashes a Protected Disc warning. This happens with different 1Gb Hi-MD discs. Formatting them does not change this strange behaviour. This does not always happen. It acts like this from time to time, more often that I like though. Has anybody else noticed something like this? thanks Mork
  8. ^M0rk^

    Cannot edit

    Sonicstage 3.4, then the brand new 4 version. HiMD used: MZ-RH10 and MZ-RH1. Basically, I can title edit/mark/unmark the minidisc on the MZ- units as long as I never use SonicStage to title edit via usb. When I do that, no editing is possible for me with the MZ- units. That is no problem as far as title editing is concerned (with SonicStage is obviously more user-friendly) but if I wish to do further edit work on the live recording using marks on/off, I can no longer do that. puzzled, ^M0rk^
  9. ^M0rk^

    Cannot edit

    Ok. Now I've got all these analog recordings made with my Hi-MDs. After doing some editing with the units (editing titles, marking on and off), I connect the unit to my Sonicstage and do some more title editing (no transfers to the pc... the title editing goes straight into the minidisc via usb). After this, I can no longer edit the tracks on my unit. No more marks off/on, etc. How can I get my editing back? I still have to split and merge some tracks! :/ thanks for the help Mork
  10. ... how do I remove the european volume limitations, like with the RH10? Ok, it's true that I will be using the RH1 for making live recordings and not as an everyday Walkman, but I would love to get rid of those stupid restrictions anyway (it's a matter of principle thanks to everyone who can be of help in this Mork
  11. I just got one from eBay. Of course, now I have the problem of finding a 220V adapter to charge my battery I think I have a 220V->110V converter at home, to make the included 110V AC adapter work here in Italy. 1) By the way, does anybody know whether there is a suitable car charger for this unit? 2) Does the LIP-4WM battery have a specific wall charger, like the ones available for the NH-14WM (and the old NC-.. ones) ? thanks ^M0rk^
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