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  1. Yes. You have to manually extract the files though. Something like WinRAR will do that easily. Then simply find the install files and run them. That's it.
  2. I actually got Connect Player installed on my system thanks to that link. If you download that UK update manually then you can extract the files and run the Connect Player setup and it installs very quickly! And no, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to support non-A3000/A1000/A608 devices yet. It's not recognizing my stuff. At least we can get a feel for the player itself in terms of interface, speed, and stability (with importing). It's definitely straightforward and light on features. I like that it supports Japanese characters without any registry tweaks. I'll have more impressions later today after I get off work.
  3. It's sort of disheartening to hear this. I guess we'll see once more people get there hands on it. Sony does have to understand that the Connect player has to be absolutely rock solid and easy to use. It's more important than the slick hardware they're trying to release and has to be the focus. Sony software is much like Microsoft's....version 1 is always very forgettable. I think about M-Crew 1.0, OpenMG JukeBox 1.0, and SonicStage 1.0 and remember the frustration. Sony seems to be enamoured with creating custom interfaces which is much more difficult to program. I don't see why they don't use standard Windows APIs and OS conventions. Something straightforward like the MP3FileManager should have been the base for this new software. Sony would also be smart to add API/plug-in support and allow their devices to work with Windows Media Player or some other popular media player. Of course, that would take away their exclusivity which would be very un-Sony-like.
  4. I think I may be soooo getting this...i originally wanted the emerald/green one but this pair kit is so dang sexy!
  5. Looks like it's coming soon. Mora.jp changed their website to match the new Connect software!
  6. Ooh, I'm waiting for this one to come out...the Sony CC-NW-B. I can't believe it took this so long for this to come out. It should have been the first accessory that Sony released alongside the original E507.
  7. Japanese press release here... http://www.jp.sonystyle.com/Company/Press/051019.html Basically, it's just a larger size at 8GB. They probably figured they need something larger to be more competitive on the market. At 30000 YEN (~$259 USD) it's not a bad price since that's around iPod nano 4GB price.
  8. gr00vy0ne


    It sort of sucks how phone/digital camera/dap lanyards in the US are hard to find. In Japan, it's a lifestyle necessity and everyone has them and you can find stores all over the place with unbelievable selections. Tokyu Hands (a chain of lifestyle stores) has a great selection if you're ever in Japan. eBay seems to have some stuff available if you dig enough: http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?f...tle=mp3+lanyard or http://search.ebay.com/search/search.dll?f...le=sony+lanyard
  9. Ok, I added more icons based on a few requests... You can go get them here. And yes, I'll probably add NW-HD3, NW-HD5, and the new "Walkman" at some point. Enjoy!
  10. In case you want to make your Windows Explorer a little more fancy like this: Download and unzip the package directly onto your NW-Exxx and that's it. The current label says NW-E507. If you have a different model then may want to modify the autorun.inf file and change the label to your specific model. I currently am using the picture of the new Emerald Green A-series but will add all the other color models later tonight. The file can be downloaded here. If you happen to have a MZ-RH10 Hi-MD Minidisc player then you can grab this file and dump it on that device. Currently, this only has the silver model and I'll get to the other colors at some point. Enjoy!
  11. I doubt they would simply drop support for older ATRAC devices since it's such an easy feature to add and it would discourage existing customers from buying more tracks from the Sony Music Store (which you know they don't want to happen). At any rate, I hope we don't have to wait until November for the new Connect software to be available. Getting it out sometime this month would be nice.
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