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  1. Ah, thank you very much, I thought it was in the transfers speed panel.
  2. I already downloaded it, but where's that: Atrac3Plus@96k??? I only see 48 & 64 k in the options window.
  3. Mh, Im sorry if I didn't get it well, but if I have a disk already recorded, what would this new version add to it? or should I have to transfer all the files again for it to take effect?
  4. That´s such great info!. Thanks green machine.
  5. Hi everyone, I am about to buy a MZ NH6OOD and I need some help regarding the equalizer. Is it customizable?, how many presets it has? I've been checking out some pictorials and reviews of this model but there are very little info about it. I'd be very grateful if someone could post a picture of the Eq displayed or a link where I could see it. Thank you.
  6. Hey, that´s a great idea that we can extend to the whole second generation of Hi- Md´s don´t you think? Hmm,but will they hear us?
  7. In fact is FW vs Usb 2.0!! And yeah, it has absolutely nothing to do with Hi- Md but since we were talking of speed differences through connections. Richyhu put this address where you can see one interesant article about how the RH1 works, maybe you already saw it : http://www.mdcenter.nl/artikelen/mzrh1/index_en.php
  8. We were talking of speed through a Firewire connection. In several audio software through a souncard or a digital mix it is better FW than USB due to the latency in recording. But as I said before, it´s hard that Sony would make any change from USB to FW. It´s not only music. How about data? Really? Oh, then I´m paranoid!!!
  9. Or digital music recording through a soundcard. Mmm, then maybe it´s not suitable for Hi-Md stuff. Anyway, I don´t think that Sony would make any changes like that.
  10. It seemed so.Thanks for the info!
  11. A friend of mine owns an Ipod with Firewire and another one (more recent) with a USB connection and believe me, the one with Firewire is really fast. I did ignore how old FW is, but I think that it´s great. Now I wonder if the difference it´s about whether if it´s a HD or a Flash mem.
  12. When u insert a 1 Gb. disc into a Net Md player it reads right away that it´s the Hi- Md media and that can´t be playable or readable. I wonder: how come a unit that was made in ´02 (in the case of mine) has information about Hi- Md if it was made like two years later?? was it made long ago? It seems to me that they deliver their formats and units little by little so they could get more money. It´s not a honest thing ´cause now you can get Net Md players very cheap, but back in the day they were so expensive. And maybe now they have in their hands the model that will see the light in ´08, that could have a lot of improvements.... who knows? But in the meantime we are wasting our money on units that lack of a lot of things. Yeah, those engineers may work hard but the managers say the last word.
  13. Mmm well, as I said, if they improve the optical block it would make it really faster than a flash memory and we wouldn´t be thinking about buying one of these just because our Hi-md is soooo slow. And yeah, it´s not as common right now but it will be with time I guess.
  14. In fact it´d be great a Firewire connection but since Sony engineers are so...stingy? but well, not even Ipod are using it in their new gen. Anyway, I think they could make that optical block to work faster than previous ones, that way I don´t see any reason to get a flash memory. Again, I think Im dreaming..
  15. Well I downloaded the 3.4 version like two months ago. I wonder if it´s worth to download this newer version. Could somebody help me? Any good reasons? I own a RH-910. And hey, what the hell means CP? Thanks.
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