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  1. My manual says 254 is the track limit and I've got this on other discs
  2. Any idea why I should be getting TR FULL after track 216 with only 47 mins recorded? Sony MZ-R30, still working fine otherwise. Quantegy MDR-80 disc, stereo recordings, standard (ie not HiMD) formatting
  3. Was considering getting a Sony ECM-DS70P mic and came across this site http://infos.0db.net/micros/compare/indexe.php3 which compares recordings made with this and a few other similar mics including the Sony ECM-717... which sounds leagues better to my ears. However the 717 appears to have been replaced by a newer model, the ECM-719, which looks more like the DS70P except without the T-Bar mounting. Anyone know if the 719 is similar-sounding to the 717? My particular MD unit generates very little mech noise so I wasn't worried about the T-Bar design specifically Of course now that I've looked through this forum other mics like the AT Pro24 seem like the go (I'm in Australia) but I was definitely impressed with what was achievable with that little (and stealthy) 717
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