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  1. Anyone come up with a way to power the rh1 off battery, eg a usb battery pack, whats the best solution so far?
  2. The small remote concept looks amazing, i think it would be useful for my pda, but i havnt got a clue how to build it, instructions are a bit vague on the website, any1 got a more in depth tutorial on this infra red remote?
  3. I was just wondering is it possible to make perfect digital copies of hi-mds with the current consumer equipment available i.e the RH1?
  4. I just got first ever portable minidisc player yesterday! the mz-rh1!! I nabbed the last one at the sony centre at wood green. So far im pleased with my investment (couldn't bear the wait so i paid the premium of 250) but now im on the lookout for good deals on 1gb blank discs. This truly is a beautiful machine i was surprised by its size and weight, im yet to fully utilize its recording capabilities and ive found the sonicstage software bearable.
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