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  1. Also thanks tremendously for offering the SonicStage 4.3 download!! I bought this new computer in February and downloaded SS from Sony. Last month I had to refresh the OS and in the process SS was deleted. I went to re-download it and discovered the mystifying discontinuation by Sony. My RH 910 from 2005 is still going strong and I use it regularly for capturing live performances. Long May It Wave!! Fortunately I remembered this forum which I signed onto when it was still the HI minidisc forum.
  2. Sony Media Services say they can give it a try; if successful there is a charge of $55. Jeez, that feels like a gouge to me! I think I understand RainTheory's method, but he doesn't mention RH910 and I wouldn't be willing to put a screwdriver in there anyway as it's the only one I got and I love it. It was the computer (SonicStage) that done me wrong - not the unit. Thanks for the ideas, but maybe I just have to let it go......
  3. I just accidentally deleted a 20 minute track while transferring from the MD unit to SonicStage. Is there any hope of retrieving the data? I immediately unplugged the cable and opened the battery compartment in an attempt to head off the finalization of the process - but it didn't work. The track is gone from the menu register of the disc. In the past this has worked: i.e., any editing was temporarily stored until I turned the unit off and that could be shortcircuited by depriving power before it turned itself off. I sure would like to get that track back.
  4. Some tracks I gave specific titles on the MD, others not. After the data has been uploaded, when I drag the files over to the right side for cd burning the computer rearranges some of the tracks in no preceivable order. At first I thought it might be because I had added and deleted track marks and done minor editing on the MD, but it also did on a group that was untouched. So I have to investigate and drag them over in the order I recorded them and it's OK. It's operas that I'm recording and each one takes about 1 giga of .WAV so thumbdrive would be impractical cost-wise. Anyway, it's working perfectly for my purposed. BTW the Sound Professional cardioid stealth microphones (one over each ear)I bought make amazing recordings. Really really good. Thanks to all.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. So can I buy a thumb drive, download the SonicStage 3.4 onto it, use that on a(nother) host computer to transfer from HiMD and save the WAV backup files back onto the thumbdrive rather than onto the hard disc. Can Audacity go onto that thumbdrive also? I haven't ventured into that realm yet. I haven't had a problem (knockknock) with uploading files with SS3.4 from HiMD that I have already added and deleted track marks. However, the program wants to change the order of the tracks for some reason and I have to be careful about that when converting for burning.
  6. On Kurisu's post about the SS3.4 download it says: Today I introduce to you Sonicstage 3.4 - the full version, with Simple Burner 2, and a few other bug fixes recognized by the community to deliver the best possible Sonicstage experience. Throw this on a Hi-MD disc, usb thumbdrive, etc. and you can now use Sonicstage anywhere, anytime. Does this mean that then SS can be used on a host computer without installation? How would that work? Connect my RH910 to one usb port and the thumb drive to the other? Thank you for putting this download on the forum - it was exactly what I needed as the recorder came with 3.0. It worked like a charm once I got access to an appropriate computer.
  7. I bought a RH910 last fall and have successfully recorded some terrific live music performances with a cardioid mic from Sound Professionals. What a wonderful gadget this is! Now I'd like to make a few cd copies to share with friends. I'm very worried about the admonition about losing the original files if I try to transfer more than once. Also the software enclosed with the recorder is SS 3.0. I see on the site here somewhere SS 3.3 is advised; where do I get this? I also added and deleted track marks on the MD files before I read on here this causes problems uploading.
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