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  1. Chris, This same "charge" flash happened to me with my first battery. I don't even get the "charge" any more with the second (dead) battery. I am discouraged to hear that a brand new battery didn't get you anywhere either...i was hoping that I had initially been sent a faulty battery or just accidentally overused the second one, but given your experiences, i am beginning to think it might be the battery contacts on the inside of the md player itself.
  2. a week before it went "dead" the minidisc player had about 1/3 full bar of power.
  3. I have a Sony MZ-RH10 recorder, and I'm having difficulties recharging the gumstick NH-14WM rechargeable battery. First time I bought the MZ-RH10 brand new, the NH-14WM battery which it came with was dead and would not recharge. I would press the stop/charge button on the minidisc player while it was plugged into the wall socket via the adapter (as described in the user's manual) and the screen remained blank with no sign of charging the battery in the chamber. The unit itself could function as long as it was plugged into the wall via the adapter, but once I unplugged the unit from the wall, nothing would happen. I sent everything (unit and battery) back to the place of purchase for a new one. The second unit arrived about six months ago. Just yesterday, after having many successful previous attempts at recharging the battery via the method described in the user's manual, the battery suddenly refused to recharge. Now the scenario is exactly the same as with the first unit I bought - I press the stop/charge button on the unit and screen on the unit remains blank. The unit still functions if plugged into the wall, but it's as if the unit isn't recognizing that the battery is in the chamber. I have tried taking the battery out overnight and then reattempting to charge, tried cleaning the heads of the battery, etc, and i'm just not getting any response from the unit when trying to recharge the battery. Any help is appreciated. The fact that this has happened with two different units/batteries makes me feel it isn't just a fluke, but either a malfunction or I am doing something wrong.
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