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  1. The biggest thing I want to see added is MP4/AAC support.
  2. This latest september version worked for me. I managed to copy my songs to the player. Im noticing the first second or so of SOME of the songs are corrupted though (I see this has been mentioned a few times! oh well! I have it as well) Keep up the good work good doctor.
  3. G'day Stephen.. Not sure mate, I'll have another gio. I'd suspect that the files made it over as it was flashing up FILE ERROR a few times.
  4. I cannot get this program to work. Can anyone please help? I have August 22 version I formatted my E005 using the onboard formatting menu option I deletde the OMG**** folder from the unit in Windows XP I unzipped the contents of the zip file onto my H:\ drive (which the unit appears as) I then started the voidmp3fm.exe file from the H:\ drive, created a new folder from within the tool and dragged some songs there. I pressed SAVE ALL. When unplugging the unit and attempting to play a song it just says FILE ERROR and UNKNOWN and will not play any songs. I have tried it with a number of different MP3 files. It makes no difference. FTR I have flashed the firmware to the latest (as of mid august) version on the Sony site.
  5. I would love to be able to transfer aac files with this tool as well!!! Can we expect this soon please author? Great job
  6. yeh once I figured this out, I was ok.. cheers
  7. Maybe I'm not smart enough to own this high tech piece of equipment but can someone PLEASE help me here. I simply want to be able to play my songs in the order that they appear on the album, and then to be able to skip to the next song, or previous song as required - not next album, not next artist, just next song please. Can someone please fill me in on what the Sort Order and Play Mode should be to accomplish this supposedly simple task?
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