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  1. hey everyone...thanks alot. it was acually the cord that was faulty, it was a stereo 1/8", but the connection was screwed up. got a new one and it works great now! my new md player has been great for recording my bands practices.
  2. Hello! This is my first time posting on these forums. Anyways, i just purchased a sony MZ-R700 from a friend @ school. ( 30$ ) I have never used a MD player before so bear w/ me, but i really like the technology. I have tried recording via the (optical) line in thru both my sound card (via the 1/8" miniplug) and my record player ( via the 1/8" plug to RCA ). Now with both recording methods, i have been unable to record w/ any mode other then MONO. LP2, LP4, and NORMAL recording modes will only produce sound from one earphone. My quistion is, can i only record in MONO from analogue sources, or is something else up? I am going to get a 1/8" mini-plug to digital, but it will be awile before i can get it. I really want to be able to record in stereo, as i feel im losing a lot of sound quality w/ mono..... any help would be appreciated. Thanks. on a side note, i just hacked the mz-r700 to the mz-r900. score.
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