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  1. Hi all! Ok, it's been 6 months, so I had to do something... v0.13 is out! There are no big changes except the now it needs Java 6. What was done: - Better handling of mp3s (Thanks to Neil Wallace for his hints) - Better podcast compatibility - Removed the "Shoutcast" tab, nobody talk about it, so surely is was not used. - Language supported : English, French, Deutch and Swedish - Other small modifications. It this version is good, the it will be the last... We are working on a totally new version that will handle more features and more players (Look for Symphonic...) Have fun! Patrick Balleux
  2. Hi Neil. I tried your code, but it failed on some podcasts while downloading. Anyway, you gave me some hint and I finally used the JavaZoom library to skip the header. This is the library I use to play the mp3 directly in the application. Patrick!
  3. Hi Neil, Thanks for your support... Removing the ID Tags is not working as expected on some files but I did not had the time to look into it... We are currently redoing the work in another project that will be better designed to support more version of Sony players... Patrick
  4. Hi Neil, Effectively, the player does not support all the bitrates that you can find in podcasts. That's why the support of FFMEG was implemented to convert on the fly those podcasts. FFMPEG command line option would be : ffmpeg -i FILE.mp3 -ab 128 -ar 44100 -ac 2 FILEConverted.mp3
  5. Hi suwii, A lot have already been said in that forum about how to install NWE00xMp3Manager. the command line is : java -jar NWE00xMp3FileManager.jar. You must execute from the player. If you are in Windows, double-clic on the Jar. Patrick
  6. Hi xunil, This is a swing appliction and requires X to run... I assume that you are running under Linux. Your problem is that you are not able to start a GUI java application because your JRE is not able to talk to the X display. Could you tell me that you start the application inside a terminal and not from the TTY0 ... Patrick
  7. Hi suwii! Sorry for the late replay, but I just got out of a minor surgery so I was out for a few weeks... A .JAR file is actually a ZIP file. That is why you're seeing it as a ZIP. Linuxes and Macs look at the mime type of a file instead of it's extention like Windows. This is why you cannot fool a Linux/Mac user with Pamella_Nude.jpg.exe Anyway, enough Win bashing... What you need to do is copy the JAR file on your player (at the root of the player, at the same place as the OMGAUDIO folder). Then, to start it manually, you have to execute "java -jar NW-E00xMp3Manager.jar" You can start it in a bash file (batch file, command file, whatever) that you will put at the same place. I don't have a MAC so it is hard for me to give you the exact steps but it should be as in linux... Make sure that in a console, you can execute Java... Becarefull because I think MACs are case sensitive. Also, ask around how to start a JAR file with your mouse (google...) Let me know if you were able to make it work (I know it is working, somebody in another forum confirmed that is was working well) Oh, yeah, make sure you hava java 1.5 installed ( Java 5.0) : Go to http://www.java.sun Patrick Balleux
  8. As I mentionned, you player is requesting an encrypted title and NW-E00x Mp3 File Manager does not support encryption yet. That's why the player give you this error.
  9. Hi cam36 To my knowledge, there is nothing else for now. The is one software made by Dr.Void (Google for it) that runs under Windows and I think that it can be run with Wine, but I am not really sure... As for your Error you got, it looks like you cannot delete the file so maybe you do not have access in WRITE to that folder (device). Patrick Balleux
  10. I am not sure, but I think that you can. Just backup before doing something... Patrick Balleux
  11. Hi fabiok, It is a Java application so you need the runtime. The idea was that it would work whatever the OS is installed. And, I am not sure, but I think that the 103 is not supported because titles needs to be encrypted on that series. Patrick Balleux
  12. Hi c_webb84 The 505 is not currently supported because the titles are encrypted. But we are working on it... sorry! Patrick Balleux
  13. Hi eremywhd, Thanks for the info, we'll check that problem Patrick
  14. Hi jurin, What you see is garbage from the index files related to the search features of the players... We are also working to support playlist and search on the player. Patrick
  15. Hi jurin, For now, it will not work because your bean player is working the the mp3 manager from sony meaning that files are encrypted. It is not the case with the NW-E0x series, that's why I was able to create a small manager. But I'm working on it.... Pat
  16. Hi jurin, Have you checked the file system on your bean? Compare it with the OMGAUDIO.zip from the optional packages and tell me if they are different... Ia the bean working with the Mp3 File Manager from Sony? Pat
  17. Hi jurin, I don't know. You would have to tried and report your result in this forum. Patrick
  18. Hi Zerosystem, As for the HD5 series, the E40x and E50x series are encrypting the mp3 on the player. I was able to find out how to encrypt the mp3s but there is a small problem: the magic number to encrypt is different for each series and I have to find a way to detect it... For now, I am currently trying to document everything but those player will eventually be supported... Thanks for you interest Patrick
  19. Hi sony_user Are you using windows or Linux or Mac? If I remember well, you can configure the proxy settings in the control panel of Windows (for all java application) ... But I'll have to validate if it is working... Anyway, I'll look to integrate that feature in a next version. Pat
  20. Hi bootsbradford, Yep, I know what is happening... I also have Ubuntu 6.10 and the problem is related to Nautilus that is executing the JAR from another folder instead of the current folder when double-clicking the JAR file (The current folder seems to always be the home folder of your user...). There are several solutions but here is the one I use: Create a startManager.sh file (Like a batch file in Windows), and add to that file that command "java -jar nw-e00xmp3manager.jar". Copy that file at the same place as the JAR file (Careful with letter case since Linux is case sensitive...). Now instead of double-clicking on the JAR file, double click on th .SH file (remember to set that file to executable...). This should do the trick... Pat
  21. Hi 8iLLy 1 - Use the OMGAUDIO.zip only if you have problem with your original omgaudio folder... 2 - SonicStage will not work after using NW-E00x Mp3 File Manager, sory... 3 - Playlist, Searching will not work because NW-E00x Mp3 File Manager do not support them. It will in a near future... Hope I have helped. Patrick
  22. Hi Mgaic Have you formatted your player with Windows? You should format your player with the builtin tool (in the advance menu i think...). Let me know! Patrick
  23. Hi Korinthenkacker The software does not change any volume in the mp3, but, I do remove the ID3 header from the MP3 since some headers are incompatible with the nw player... Look the tags with a tag editor to see if there is something in there that could change something... I check on my side to reproduce that problem. Also, I'll check for that button... Thanks for your comments, Patrick
  24. Hi Vin_Eme Easy one also... You have to edit the file playersize.txt to match your player capacity size. I know, a menu with an option would have been better, but, it was quicker this way for now. Anyway, With Java 6 that is out, the capacity of a disk is now available, So maybe we will base one of the next major version on JAVA 6 instead of JAVA 5 ... Pat
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