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  1. Thanks for the replys folks, the battery box that I got off ebay dont work, so any sugestions as to where I can get one? I have also just purchased a gumstick battery and the player is back to full strength, I would like a battery box to extend the usage time though. Mark
  2. Hello, I would like to ask your advice, I have had my Sony nh900 for a while now, and I have no complaints, its a good unit. However, recently the gum-stick battery has been lacking in power and not lasting very long, so I started using the external battery box that came with the unit, with a Duracell battery installed, it was very good. I lost the battery box a few weeks ago, and searched for a replacement, I found one on EBay from America, he was only charging a few pounds for the box so I purchased it from him. I am apprehensive about using this box in case the voltage or polarity is different and I damage the MD unit. Can anyone give me some advice as to weather it will be OK to try or not. Cheers people. Mark
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