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  1. Hi sorry if this has been covered before. If yes feel free to erase it. I love my MDs but I want to try another digital recorder. I am not a musician and I only record live rock concerts. Until now I use in-ear mics microphone madness MM-BSM-8 http://www.microphonemadness.com/products/mmtrunathook.htm and a simple battery module microphone madness MM-CBM-Mini http://microphonemadness.com/products/mmcbmminminc.htm . I plug them in line-in of my MZ-RH10 or RH1 and I am very happy with the results. So my main concern is the recording quality but I want to try something new! I dont want it to be expensive and I dont care if it has built-in mics. I believe that for my use they would be useless right. I definately want the recorded files to be uploaded to mac, I dont want to have the same minidisc problems once again! Drag and drop is the upload method? Tascam has some interesting models but I cant understand which to choose. DR-8 comes to mind. One feature I would like is the "time mark" that the MDs have. And to recharge batteries as well. One more important thing is the quality of the device. I dont want it to have the feeling of a cheap plastic toy. I want it to be well constructed? What do you suggest?
  2. Hi I recently got a macbook and I have many compatibility issues especially with my MZ-rh10. I thought that it would be a good idea to buy a small cheap -maybe used- netbook dedicated to my MDs alone. Do you think that it will work? Do you know the minimum technical requirements for the netbook? I thought I should avoid Windows 7 or Vista. Any suggestions? Can a netbook run sufficiently Audacity? From a minimum search I did I found no similar topic. If there is please send me a link and delete this one. Thank you
  3. A stupid question. I want to be safe that I will have the electricity needed to record a gig with my mz-rh1. All those cheap battery extenders (like this one: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...ategory=108617) are useful only to charge the LIP battery or can I use one without the rechargable battery in the MD and record?? Stupid me!!! Also a not genuine LIP battery how harmful can be if used carefully? I mean if you dont forget it charging overnight etc.?? Thank you
  4. Although off topic I would trade with your GYBE recording. Where was it??
  5. Didnt know that. But why this happened for 1st time??? Usually it breaks in 5-6 tracks. The band that played had many quiet parts. Also, since I am now clearing some things out, adjusting the MIC sensitivity is useless if I am using the line in, right?? Adjusting the REC level and "ForLoudMusic" parametres are essential even with line-in, right??
  6. Hi I went yesterday to see and record the gig of Silver Mt. Zion. I used in-ear mics - battery box - line in - mz-rh10 which I adjusted to REC level manual 13, sens mic low, time mark off, synch rec off, group rec off. I ended up with 129 tracks and I had to erase the time marks for all of them !!!!!!!!! Anybody has a clue what went wrong ??? This is the 1st time it happened. Has anything to do the fact of relatively low REC level??? IMPORTANT: I ve recently done the hack thing on my mz-rh10. Thanks for the time you spent for reading this and hoping you will spend a little more to reply...
  7. If the end fits it works. I use it for my Olympus mju 600.
  8. Well I have a difficult decision to take. The latest MD I bought was MZ-RH10, and I love it. Now I want to buy MZ-M200 to upgrade as it has some better recording features, but after some reading I admit i am looking to digital PCM recorders like TASCAM DR-1. I want it basically to record live loud gigs and of course as a portable playback machine. Is the recording quality of TASCAM DR-1 and other PCM recorders equal or superior to MZ-RH1. I saw DR-1 has some features that are completely useless to me, such as Vocal cancel feature (karaoke),Digital effects, Metronome function and Guitar tuner function. Also I have a simple battery module (MM-CBM-Mini) and mics (MM-BSM-8), so I dont know if I should trust DR-1 mics. What do you recommend??? And also an important thing. The quality of manufacturing of these products. Will they last for more than 2 years if you take good care of them ?? I take good care of my machines, my MZ-RH10 has not a scratch. I know HiMDs are sensitive machines. TASCAMs ??? Thanks for reading
  9. In what format are your files?? Have you tried Hi-MD renderer???
  10. Thank you all for the replies. A440 has helped me once again but now when I read his reply I thought that my poor soundcard wouldnt help me with his solution. I would defenately lose in sound quality. I uninstalled sonicstage 3.0 I had from the start and caused me all the problems. 4.3 didnt help also. And then SYRIUS said the 5 magic words: "Hi-MD Renderer may help too". I installed SS 3.4 A440 gave me and Hi-MD Renderer 0.52 and with a little pray my file was completely converted to .wav. SYRIUS showed me the path and MARC created it. Thank you both. By the way I didnt know this program and it is a killer. And I am inviting you all to yell once again : SONICSTAGE SUCKS !!!
  11. Hi to all I have a problem which is impossible for my to solve. I went to a gig and recorded it with my MZ-RH10. I recorded it in Hi-SP in a 1GB MD. Somewhere in the middle of the concert there was inserted a T-Mark. I didnt want it so I connected the 2 tracks deleting the Mark and so I had an 83 minutes audio file. Then I did some editing in my minidisc deleting some audience noise until the encore and I ended up with 2 music files 1) 77:30 minutes 2) 1:25 minutes. I used Sonicstage 3.0 to upload it to my PC. Uploading was easy. I heard the files played on Sonicstage and were perfect. Until now all perfect!! The problems begin from here... I conveted the files in WAV and the process stopped in the 35th minute exactly in the 1st track. The short 2nd track was perfect. I tried the option "create an audio cd" directly from .oma files and it recorded only 35:00 of the 1st track and the whole 2nd. I converted oma to optimized music files and all the problems insisted. Incomplete transform to WAV and incomplete burn to audio cd. I downloaded the latest version of Sonicstage (4.3 I think) and the problems insisted! What is impossible for my to understand is why I can hear the whole archive in SS and in my MD player and when I try to burn to audio CD or convert to WAV it is done for 35:00 minutes!!!! And let me add that I have already tranfered the archive once to a PC so with the stupid SONY policy I cant do this again! I dont know for you, but for me is a riddle I cant solve. So I beg for some help... Alexis I want to add that this is the first time it happened
  12. I tried the usual places to but a MZ-RH1 (amazon,ebay,minidisco,soundprofessionals), I am really jealous of you guys. It has so many features... although I think my MZ-RH10 is more beautiful to see. Anyway, do you know where I can buy it in a really good price??? Thank you I tried the usual places to but a MZ-RH1 (amazon,ebay,minidisco,soundprofessionals), I am really jealous of you guys. It has so many features... although I think my MZ-RH10 is more beautiful to see. Anyway, do you know where I can buy it in a really good price??? Thank you
  13. I cant explain why but I dont trust that store.
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