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  1. in the earlier thread, a couple of folks suggested things like a stuck front-button, but it wasn't...and in THiS new case, isn't that easy. It's 2 decks in tandem, I'm about convinced it's digital poltergeist ! Hang on, after unplug / replugs didn't help..I've located all remotes, in case one was pressing & bobbing on something. Seems to have cooled-out. If that was IT, I'm both relieved & embarrassed !
  2. Gotta be brief ! My 5 year old, heavily used JB 930, & my months old, barely used JE 480 have suddenly joined forces in goofery aGaiN ! THIS time they're turning themselves on & off....over & over . What could cause such never-before-seen bizarre behavior in 2 [ stacked ] units so far apart in age ????? Had a similar thread weeks ago, if you care to search that way...by name i suppose ? any clues out there ??? TIA ~~~=Dave
  3. Hello gang, who knows when someone will stumble across this & reply....but what are my choices ?? The fact that my 5 year old JB-930 has again gone TOC goofy is no surprize __new variations like hard to turn off/on or eject were new and odd. but to discover the precise same behavior in my 4 month-old, barely used 480 ??!??! If I hit off in just the right spot, that works...but i can't control anything else outside of the AMS knob, and i can't eject the current disc ! What would effect BoTH units like this ?....did the ship from The Matrix pass by while hitting the electromagnetic pulse ??? HeLP !!! [oh, please] *~* ---=Dave
  4. Well gang, This would be the 3rd or 4th time a JB-930 has started goofin' up TOC's into a nice blank-disc....I haven't had to do the ol' "fool the deck" shuffle & end up w/ 1 long re-recognized track & I haven't perform that yet, cuz this time it was w/ a new twist. For a day or two the untitled MD started reading as RTs00c00eoo...power-off / on =:= oK !!. . . not this time ! she's a "blank". I always found it was around 18 months till a new unit OR a laser-arm switch-out would flake-out in this way, but THaT's a new variation. Should I even TrY to find another out there ? _____is the 980 much / much better ??___are either available anywhere ?. or did I just join the end of a long line here ?!? ~~~TIA~~~ ';' ---=Dave
  5. DavidMRoberts


    ___Hey gang, . .Has any (or every)-one else had the same problem with their JB930~decks ? =-= about every 18 months, gettin' to be like clockwork, the TOC goes steadily more sna~phooey ?? Read errors increasing, and if i add then delete to a title in my 480-deck, the 930 will NoW read it ? This leads to my 2 questions : is the 980 much more reliable in this regard, . . AnD !, is it availible anywhere other then the U.K.??, which can't ship electronics to the states. I haven't been posting here long enough to know if this is a well-known matter. . .maybe I've joined a long line what ain't movin' ! ___look foward to somebody settin' me straight one way or another. --=thanks !
  6. well PhoOey then, guess I'm stuck w/ this nice device.,...,.,.,certainly not a waste and, as i said before, i'm sure i'll find uses for it that i can't even imagine in my earliest stages here !! Glad to see i've stirred a little bit of thread, ____hope to see a few more chime in as i add to my own comprehension. Meaning ! >> as i learn what's NoT well-served (( listening Sony ? ~~~ right )) __ and read as folks discuss what run's on what / which is where / and what da' who, . . ....i'll add puzzle-pieces to MY perspective ! "Sharing experience & aiding understanding" =-= Hey ! that's why we're HeRe !, right ?!
  7. well thanks for the welcoming wink richyhu ! ~~:-*-:~~ the later summer sounds like MY saviour , as all my MD's were made on JB-930 or JE-470 and 480, therefore bein' plain old MD , no ?
  8. Having joyfully joined the MD elite in late `97, i barely noticed the evolution of Hi-MD, nor did i wish to begin playing catch-up !....I'm sure many of us have waited months for the MZ-RH1, . . .me among ya' !. I only got my Mac 10.4.6 Intel Duo-core w/ doubled mem and Ram in late March, 1st computer too !! I'm getting lonlier by the word here, huh ? Funny how the Mz comes w/ a Mac-compatibility "manual", yet when no device's connection was detected, my pursuit began : MiniDisco offered a link to this community / Sony responded to tell me that not even Hi-MD would be handled from MZ to Mac <<??>>, thanks for the gag-manual then ! i'm sure I'll find a few other nifty uses for this new item outside of it's intended job , and there IS analog real-time for MD-to-Mac, but the question that finally blossoms forth here IS =-=-= anyone think software updates may eventually spring-up SoMewhere??, & how alone AM i in my freaky little sub-category ?? This is a much more complicated forum-site then this newbie has seen, took me awhile to stumble into posting HeRe, and if I'm in the wrong arena, I'll mosey along till i find the right one, but for NoW... . . ... . .
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