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  1. I've updated to SS4.2 and played back several albums today and they are not playing back gapless. I encode my music as WAV files and these albums certainly played gapless in previous versions. Anyone any ideas or noticed the same thing?
  2. I don't have a NWA series walkman, but I'm pretty sure that I have seen in the transfer settings the option to turn artist link off - i.e. that info won't transfer to the device. I could be wrong and I'm at work at the moment and therefore can't check myself. However, go to transfer settings for your device and the advanced button. The slow battery drain is surely a reflection of the immense battery life these machines posses! The battery in the NWA3000 is a Li-ion, so surely it doesn't need a periodical drain?
  3. no option for fast encoding. The speed increase I have noticed is when you convert a WAV file to ATRAC3 132kps within My Library (not during CD ripping). I was transcoding a number of albums (originally ripped as WAVs) last night some at 132kps (A3) and others at 192kps (A3+) and the 132kps conversion is much faster than conversion to 192kps and much faster than I remember in previous SS versions. I can't comment when you convert from other formats e.g. MP3/AAC
  4. Anyone notice that converting between formats seems that have got a lot fater with SS4.0? Either that or my CPU has got quicker!! Anyhow, all my music is ripped as WAVs and then I convert for transfer to HiMD and HDD players. Atrac3 132 KPS is blisteringly quick with the new version and 192Kps is def faster than before. It could mean of course that there is new algorithm particularly for the older ATRAC, which has prioritised speed v quality? Any comments anyone?
  5. I wonder if you can find some way to make HiMD players and indeed pre 1000/3000 HDD players accept bit rates they cannot currently accept? Some reckon that a firmware update would be needed, but I reckon that the decoding chip would have no problem (this would of course explain why 352 and 192KPS suddenly became available)
  6. When I first installed SSCP 4.0 I let the software do its thing with artist link - checking for release dates etc - and it took quite a long time. I guess what I'm saying is that you could leave it alone for several hours and see if it completes its task. After you have done it once it will only come with that message if you import new tracks into the library.
  7. Well done. I'd been trying to track the file down and tried various possible variations on the other links. Just installed successfully and now artist link is doing its thing over the internet I notice that apple Lossless is not supported, which is a shame
  8. I'd be surprised if the A1200 didn't make to all the usual outlets in the UK (some colours at least) since the A1000 doesn't look like it will be available for too much longer.
  9. ugh not if you are selling it the at the same price as the previous model it isn't pointless. So 8 GB for the price of 6 GB!
  10. It seems that the 8GB NWA1200 is coming to Europe, with a press release confirmation released today. This is interesting because it seems to me - in the UK at least - that the 1000 and 3000 are being sold off. Most internet sites have the 3000 at bargain prices and Sony store does not have any stock of either model - this was after they themselves were selling them at very good prices. Could the 1200 be a 1000 replacement at the same price? EDIT - SonyStyle have the 1200 up on their website for pre-order at the same (or virtually same) price as the 1000 at release! And are we about to see a brand new model to replace the 3000? More of the New Sony WALKMAN® Also announced today is the launch of the latest addition to the popular WALKMAN® family, the Sony A1200. This 8GB model builds on the success of its predecessors by offering music-lovers even more capacity to store their favourite tracks without compromising on battery life. As with all of Sony’s WALKMAN® players, the A1200 offers superior playback time of 20 hours. The WALKMAN® is compatible with most commonly used digital music formats including MP3, ATRAC WMA files and now AAC files, thanks to the built-in SonicStage CP software. As the first model to launch with the SonicStage CP software, this is Sony’s most technically-advanced digital music player. Offering the new SonicStage CP artist link, initial search and intelligent shuffle functions, as well as the time and calendar feature, the advanced functionality is predicted to make the A1200 one of the most popular high end players currently on the market. The Sony A1200 WALKMAN® will be available by mid June 2006 across Europe.
  11. The latest update of Connect Player allows ripping at 352kps
  12. I have this Connects2 adaptor and have used it for almost a year with a HiMD unit and recently with a HD5. I think it is great and although limited in terms of scrolling through albums, it does do what it says it can do. Regardless of the limitations, being able to view track information, and skip tracks is great. I would also point out that Sony UK did (or intended) market this device under their own brand name, while being manufactured by Connects2. I am not sure whether they eventually got it to market via Sony stores because I have not seen it advertised. I have a suspision that they didn't ultimately market it because the NWA series came out, which is not compatible with the Connects2 unit - they (Connects2) are in the process of developing one for this series of players.
  13. I have a HD5, my mate has a A3000 and my bros an A1000. The A3000 is a bigger, but nowhere near as much as the dimensions and weight suggest. In a practical sense, the A3000 does not feel bigger than a HD5 - all those curves distort the proportions!
  14. I think this is the Connect2 unit, which is also marketed by Sony in the UK - you can get more info at www.connects2.com I have the unit connected to a Sony head unit and use a HiMD player and tried a NW-HD3; both work flawlessly with the head unit showing text info and a like. I have also tried a NW-A1000 and unfortunately the remote protocol is slightly different to previous generations of Walkman and therefore it does not work properly. From what I remember you can skip tracks, but not groups and the text information is either not there or inconsistent. I was rather dissapointed and annoyed since I'm thinking of getting a NW-A3000 and the thought of having to shell out another £60 to make it work properly is a farce. This is particularly so given that Sony have used a common Remote interface for years and though there has always been subtle differences in the way different models behave with respective remotes, the basic functions have always worked. Having said that, of course this is not a Sony unit and therefore it is Connects2 that have implemeted the unit and protocol it uses. Apparently, Connects2 are in the process of developing a unit for the NWA3000 at which point I may ebay my current unit and get the new one. This incompatibility might also explain why Sony have gone quiet on the promotion of the (repackaged) interface since the NWA series was released - just prior they were promoting it through several channels.
  15. kaledi

    NW-A3000's USB Cable

    The cradle and speaker unit do not come with a data transfer cable. They come with a cable to connect to the power supply to allow charging and there is a seperate port to plug the data cable in. In this instance I expect part of the reason why Sony don't just use a USB cable (a la HD5) is because there are docking stations available, which require audio output (and possibly other features?) from the unit itself - iPods are no different! I spoke to a friend who also has the A3000 and thought he had lost his cable and went to the local Sony store and got quoted £25, therefore I will have to go and check again. However, the original shop I approaches was adamant it was £65 as they had just sold one! MALFM, I used to think the UK was very expensive compared against the rest of the world - and it was, and we all felt very agrieved about it too. But in recent years, I actually think that buying electronic goods is cheaper here in the UK than the rest of Europe and North America, but probably not compared to Asia. I go to the States from time to time, and don't even bother looking at buying gadgets over there anymore as I used to. I am however going to look when I'm in Bangkok next month - best places to go anyone? Sorry I'm digressing.
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