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  1. Sony do not need to be defended. They just need to come up with a solution to my problem for me to regain my confidence. Id rather go out and get something now that has a longer recording time than get another recorder with limitations like the R1. I really liked using my recorder. It just come to its expiry date when it screwed me over because of something I did not know and thought should not have happened when doing my own recordings.
  2. Yes lesson learned. Don't use Sony for recording. Threw away my minidisc and got myself an olympus LS-10.
  3. I do this for recording live bands. I know the video camera will not be able to take the audio to well so I usually ask if I can do a soundboard recording on the minidisc. You can see a recording here when you click the video recording I have never had a problem at all unless the sound go so loud the camera turned itself of as self preservation. Then I just re sync it in adobe premiere
  4. Hi I am desperate to the point of insanity. I have a lot of lecture recordings i need to listen to all were recorded by myself and downloaded to sonicstage. I did not know that every file has a check box to disable the DRM security until just now. Recently I had my motherboard go up in a bloom of smoke and got it replaced which was ok. I still have ever bit of data which i now have backed up. I went back in to sonicstage to find all the files are copy protected and I can not play them or convert them. I have contacted sony and have no response and a few places suggested that someone here may have a solution or 2 to try. Hope you can help jason
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