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  1. That from now on we will not be able to turn atrac that we record with microphono to wav or mp3 because no longer there will be compatibility in Sonistage.
  2. Hello, it is incredible that Sony at this point takes the determination to leave the users who them have been faithful of always, I for example, I buy like many of you a MZ-RH1, aposte by Sony once again and as is the result, they give the back me, they supply this model to us as I magnify reproductor/grabador (that is it), and now is that when I realize recordings with the RH1 cannot do it nothing but that in PCM with a limited time, since Sony for smaller compressions decided on Atrac, you create you who is right this, as for me Sony is lost to a client and insurance that to many other but.
  3. ¡Hola!, pido perdon por mi ingles, soy bastante malo, ¿que tal Guitarfxt?
  4. It seems to be that Minidisco no longer is going to sell but Hi Md RH1, or single it has the MZ M200, it seems to whom Sony or has let definitively make the Minidisc and or what they pitch the tent is to eliminate existence, is sad, that they think?
  5. Hello people!, I want to make a question, that opinion have on the model Aiwa AM-NX9, I have seen it in a store in my city by the price of 39 Euro, I believe that this good no, it is but by collecting that by another thing, which they think? Cheers!
  6. Hello all, I have listened to speak rumors that Sony could send a Minidisc of 3.6 totally compatible Gb with present reproducers Hi-Md, you you have listened to something? Greetings
  7. it is the definitive end of the Minidisc technology?, watch the new product that I have found of Sony... decidedly Sony goes by another way and one has forgotten Minidisc, perhaps in very brief time it is completely forgotten the MZ-RH1 and there are but no products with this support... that think? http://www.sony.net/Fun/design/activity/pr.../pcm-d1_01.html
  8. La verdad es que no tengo ni idea.......yo el SonicStage lo utilizo extrictamente para grabar, y nunca me he parado a ver tema de configuraciones, si te puedo decir que los problemas puede que surgieran a raiz de instalar la version 4, actualmente tengo la 4.2, y en un principio usaba la version 3.6, si no me equivoco que es la que venia en el CD de instalacion, si me puedes poner un poco mas claro eso de la conficuracion te lo agradecere.
  9. Solo afecta a la musica transferida en el ordenador, las grabaciones que hago con el micro suenan bien tanto en el RH1 como en el ordenador, pero eso, cuando se trata de pasar musica al RH1 no hay manera, ademas he observado que el sonido se ve afectado solo cuando hay frecuencias altas, por ejemplo si se trata de voz y una guitarra clasica simple y llana no parece verse afectado, pero cuando le meto una cancion con picos de frecuencias altos es como si se viniera abajo, por cierto he hecho la restauracion a los valores originales y sigue en el mismo plan.......no se la verdad es que me tiene mosca, a ver si hay alguien que sepa a que se puede deber este fallo y si es de configuracion y saben resolverlo a ver si me pueden ayudar......te doy las gracias por tu ayuda en la traduccion tio.
  10. Hola Timonoj!!!, que alegria ver por aqui a un español, creia que era el unico...., vamos a ver si en nuestro idioma nos entendemos, yo compre en cacharro este, y resulta que cuando hice el desbloqueo de la restriccion de volumen al pasar unos dias me di cuenta que no sonaba bien, el volumen baja y sube levemente, para que nos entendamos es como si cogieramos un Discman, y jugaramos con la rueda de volumen........la verdad es que no tengo ni idea si he tocado algo que no debia o lo que sea, la cuestion es saber si tiene solucion la cual pueda aplicar yo por mi parte, asi que nada, traduce a esta gente la historia a ver que dicen........espero que tu te hayas enterado correctamente......y gracias. Sevilla and Olé
  11. Hello, request that excuses to me, since I use in universal translator and not if they understand absolutely or what I say to them, I explain....yo again buys the MZ-RH1 and I verified that tapeworm a blockade in the volume, which could be cleared keying in a sequence which I could read in the forum, or, but when spent days I verified that something went bad, when reproducing music the volume rose and it lowered very slightly single, so that you they understand to me was as if it made a recording with the level of entrance of microphono to the maximum and in way of automatico adjustment, for that reason I ask to them if some of a problem of similar characteristics, to know in question
  12. Hello to all, I am going to comment a problem that I have with my MZ-RH1, is that just a short time after buying it, I made the unfreezing of the exit of power which they have single the models of Europe, and soon after later notices that something happened, I could verify that when listening the songs the sound raised and lowered slowly and fast, so that but it happens, in which does not talk about to recordings by micro, it does and it does not have these problems, only in reproduction, know that must this failure, it can have to do with the unfreezing of the apparatus? Greetings
  13. Hello, I wanted to introduce myself to the forum, although I have already been registered some time, I have not had opportunity to post until now. I wanted to debate the future of Minidisc. We all know that the MZ-RH1 has not had much publicity, and in some stores they it is out of stock and they do not know when they will replenish those stocks. At Minidisco it seems to be that they have in stock again, but it is strange. Do you believe Minidisc is already in a phase of extinction, or that it can that continue in retail form and for professionals. I await your answers, Minidisc Forever!!!........ no?....
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