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  1. Hi im using winamp to insert my music and if i go into Artist Link/Top 100/Play History then i get a message: "Please connect compliant software." how can i enable these features? is it held in one of the .DAT files? thanks!
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    this plugin sounds awesome. could someone tell me the risks and disadvantages of the plugin. also, how do you find out whether your device is protected or not?
  3. Hi, i just reformated and reinstalled Windows on my computer, i installed connect player again, downloaded all of the updates, but it does not seem to work properly anymore... Connect cannot find my NW-A1000 so i cannot put any new music onto it... i know that i can Intialize the disk, but i dont really want to lose all of my songs... is there anything i can do? also, i dont get what it means by: Wiki: "The player supports ATRAC3, WMA, MP3 and AAC." is this a new feature on the V3.0 firmware that will allow me to just transfer MP3's and WMA's and AAC's over to it without the need for Connect Player? thanks for the help
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