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  1. Maybe. I don't know. But they've gone now and after the fees etc I have £150+ I didn't have yesterday.
  2. £175 plus £10 P&P. Quite pleased with that. I'll try and mention this forum.
  3. Here you go http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/181622158254?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 If I'd known I could post links I'd have done it before now!
  4. And just a gentle nudge that the auction ends Saturday at 6pm.
  5. Cheers. That was easy! I've now put the MZ-RH1 on the 'bay in a listing starting 24/12 for 10 days. It's down as UK delivery only as international shipping via eBay just has too many variables. But if any of our international members wish to bid then feel free and we can sort out a delivery option on completion. If all that ^^^ is against the rules then feel free to edit.
  6. The MZ-N710 has gone along with the used Colour MDs.
  7. The offer for the MZ-N710 has been withdrawn. Everything remains for sale other than the NW-HD3. When I get a sec I'll be moving this to "Classifieds".
  8. The NW-HD3 is now sold. Surprisingly. I have had an offer for the MZ-N710. The MZ-RH1 is still available.
  9. Well it appears from the responses on here and PMs I've received that I'd have more luck if I split this lot up. So just to keep everything neat and tidy I'll divide it up into bundles. Hopefully this will mean I'm not posting off individual MDs from now until I die of old age. Bundle 1: The MZ-N710 plus all the Colour MDs, new and used. Including remote, cables etc Bundle 2: The NW-HD3. Including cables etc. Bundle 3: The MZ-RH1 plus all the used HiMDs. Including remote, cables etc. Bundle 4: The unused, unopened Premium MDs. Would anyone like to make an offer on any of the above? I still really don't know what they're worth and the likes of eBay are really no help at all due to the number of chancers out there. Anyone...? Bueller...?
  10. Not sure if that was a typo but it's an N710.
  11. Well let's see how it goes. I've not been overwhelmed with offers and I think there's only you in the whole world that's interested in the little HDD player. I may end up dropping it in a Jiffy bag after all.
  12. Right then. I've finally pulled my finger out and got everything together. So that's an MZ-RH1, an MZ-N710 and an NW-HD3. All working and holding their charge. Plus 5no. used Hi-MDs, 7no. used Colour MDs, 5 new/unopened Colour MDs, 10no. new/unopened Premium MDs. Also includes all the correct cables/chargers, the correct remotes for the two MD players and some funky space age Sony headphones I found in the same box. I've also got some period Sony travel speakers which may or may not work and will be thrown in. As previously mentioned I can't really be bothered with eBay and I especially can't be bothered selling off everything separately so they're all going in one big box for £250. With three players and all the MDs I think this is fair. But I'm willing to be corrected so long as you're not trying to pull my leg. I'm not going to pull yours. If something isn't as described I'm easy to find. I'm in Sheffield and would much prefer collection or I can meet within a reasonable distance. Any postage would be in addition to my price. Let me know what you think. And I've just realised this is in totally the wrong section...
  13. Saintly is the word you're looking for.
  14. I am, I am. Much as it pains me. In fact I'm going to make time this weekend and give you guys a bit more info on what I've got. I'd rather it all go to one of you than arse around with eBay.
  15. If either of you guys want a disk or two then PM me an address. I've about half a dozen used ones that are surplus to requirements. Genuine offer to enthusiasts. Have a look at my previous posts and you'll see I'm off loading my MD gear. When I get round to it.
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