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  1. Hello, I will return it ,and buy a new RH1. But I think real time recording is very bad choice,because I have recorded it through headphone to the line in of Iriver H-140,hoping that it can save the file more completely and ignore the gap problem,and I use wav to record.The sound is really not good. I ask the owner to test it in his PC to confirm is this the PC problem. Thanks
  2. Hello again: I have do two more testing of line in recording ,the same type like before,PCm.Now I turn on Time mark at 15 minutes,the two recordings of 30 minutes,but the result surprised me totally,the first is all can be uploaded without problems ,the second ,however,is the same error:read data error.Just wonder why now even 15 min .file is forbidden to upload,I think I definitely cannot use this to record,it will messed up all my recording. I will return it anyway. But still not know what cause these.
  3. I have also think if it keep the time mark on is a solution,but since I found combining again in Computer is really annoying and time consuming(and it also use my computer resources much),do you think is it possible to delete the time mark in the walkman previously before upload?Does this not good ,but I have heard you advised not to do so,but not know is it still like this in Sonicstage 3.4? And I think it is not computer problem,because it is only the gap area cannot pass sonicstage.I think if it is the computer as the cause,then why the gap also exist at the point and can play back the gap on the walkman and reveal really the stop area has a gap there,it seems there is a cause and effect relation with location of the gap and the location of the upload error . But if you have ever has this gap occured in your recording,but still is able to upload to Sonicstage,then I think this "really" is because my computer or my sonicstage problem.Does you have this experience ever?The gap is three to four seconds of silence,like hanging ,all of sudden the sound play again. Before the gap all is normal,and after the gap is also norma. I also have thought of it as write error,but sonicstage 3.4 have been known to solve this bug,therefore it is not write error,I guess: ** handling of tracks with known write errors [known problem] Unexpected results here - uploading went straight through write errors with no problems at all. The resulting tracks have clicks where the errors were. Tracks are playable on the unit both beforehand and after. ** But I think it also can be write error,but only my computer refuse to cooperate with the improved version of sonicstage!But do you think it is normal to have write error in every disk I have recorded?I have tested around 10 disks of Hi-md Pcm ,all of them at 45 minutes lenght without time marked on,then do you think it is normal of this write error,I have (at least)one gap in each 45 minutes recording.I think if it is PC problems,then even a new and normal workable unit cannot help me either! I searched from forum know that someone have to use Time mark like this to prevent the recording error,he also guess that might be a problem existed in 2nd generation.Therefore I think I will buy a RH1 next time,hope this problem will not exist more.(but it will exist if it the PC problem) How to combine track in sonicstage,for example ,if I have six tracks ,I usually use CTRL key to hightlight 1,then 2,then3....,but can I just use SHIFT key to highlight only 1 and then 6,to skip the 4 steps in between,I have not tested this because manual did not said it can,I fear the order will be messed if use shift key. Thanks your reply,you are very kind,help me a lot of time.
  4. Hello, I have another test ,I use one new hi-md to start recording using mic in,pcm format,but this time I record non-stop for 44 and 35 minutes,and 5 minutes. The 44 min and 35 min:I do not use time mark all the way,and not touching it to prevent any possible of vibration,but when uploading,again it stoped at the 50s % both of them,it completely fail even in mic in. The other test I record only 5 minutes, but using my hand to move the player in order to create some vibration,but even like this,it can upload very good. DO you think it really is the length make it cannot uploading?if it is ,then I think I have to press the button when recording every 15 minuts,then I think I will never enjoy anymore the lectures,because my mind have to worry that I will forget to time marking. Thx,dissapointingly,My iriver h-120 never have this serious mistake even the sound might not as good as hi-md!!
  5. Hello: I tried two new disk recording hour ago,The first one without towel,the second one with a thick towel under player ,and leave the table completely stable also,record in PCM,about 45 minutes,.The result is the first one stop at about 70 % ,the second one (with towel prevent vibration )the same,stop at 76% percent. And the time of the problem gaps occur at different time,one at 17 min the other at 40 min,the same kind of recording,but use two different new disk to test. I also tried move my player to another much more stable area(not the table ),but the result also un-uploadable. Then I use external mic record some Tv show for 1 hour, use T-mark it per 15-20 secs,then all the three recordings (time mark as three parts )successfully upload to my computer. Therefore I suppose the player cannot stand long hour recording,isn't it? I will use time mark to transfer the tapes,and try to see if it can help,but if the sound is continuously recording ,then I suddenly press the button,will it led to lose of some signal?I even fear this action will make even more gap because of vibration. thx
  6. Dear A440, Thanks your reply.I can hear the gap in the disk from the player,therefore I can use the T-mark in walkman to edit it ,cut the gap from other normal sound. I use line in because I transferred tapes cassette to make it digital ,use a plug to connect Hi-fi cassette player.The tapes I used is nearly new,because I have heard it only one-two times before,I also fear to test using the tapes again,since I fear too much trials will wear and deteriorate the tapes further(they are quite expansive ,nearly US$8 dollars per tapes,but I have no other cheaper tapes for testing)I transfer the tapes to digital because I fear it will wear and deteriorate with more playback. I have rebooted the computer and closed the firewall and anvirus,and the uploading is still fail to read the data. I use the blue tranparent case Hi-md new disk to record,which was bought from sony store. The Rh10 have not been dropped on the floor according to the previous owner. I used the external AA battery attached when recording,but plug it out when uploading. My PC is very fast one,and have enough space.1.60GHz,512MB Ram. my cassette hi-fi player is also new,just bought this year. Thanks . I will report my test later to you.
  7. I have bought some new Hi-md ,but the uploading process still pause at the midst,I am now feel afraid of buying a new Rh1(which I plan to do so),because if it also cannot upload to my computer,then I think it might be a big difficulty for me,as I use it only mainly want to upload to pc for futher use.Do you think new one will also like this? I also did not touch the table which place my recorder on it to ensure it is free of shock.And I do not open other program when transfer to ensure it is not low resources,but still have no hope. Do you know why there always have some gaps in the recording?Because of this gaps,sonicstage refuse transferring and report error of "fail to read data"!!!! I hope someone can help me . Thanks
  8. I have uninstalled SS 4.0 and install SS.3.4 ,but when I tried another disk,(not the problem one),I have two track recorded on it,but both cannot be transfered as the same problem:cannot read data error,I think this really the problem of disk.NOw I think next time buying good reputation disk will be life saving,do you think which brand of Hi-md is best ?(the problem disks were given to me free with my second hand Rh10) I have also failed to copy the atdata in the Hi-md directory to my hard drive, it have error message.Therefore it cannot overwrite it by transferring first to hard drive,if anyone have success by other method,please help me,now I have to spend many time to fix it by searching the problem area to remove it,that is time consuming works. And the cutting area will have artifacts and lost some data as it is not perfect. I also want to know would it have mishape or artifact after combining many tracks?I use line in to record speech,of cause speech have silence,therefore end up with numerous track that have been combined. Could I use realplayer or Window media player to transfer it back to my computer?Or other solution other than sonicstage. Thanks
  9. I used the sonicstage 4.0 to transfer pcm recording from Rh10,it only can transfer up to 60% ,then it stop and said"Failed to Read data",what is the solution?why it will happen,I have tried several time,and have tried to reinsert the disc,but still the same stopping at 60% and failed to read message. The disc I used not new,but I formatted it from RH10,is this the disc problem,how to do now? I have copied the atdata to my hard drive( members suggestions I searched from forum),but when nearly the same lengh of the data the copy stop here,message of error come out. Finally I T-mark the disk into seperate parts to test which part have problems,then the problem part have a pause on the disk(or a empty jump),which cannot play in sonicstage,but can be play in player as a space before audible audio.And then I combine all other parts except this problem part,that take me hours work and really painful.I think I would not use the disk again to record.It is really unlucky to have these sort of disk. Thanks
  10. Hello: I wonder whether can I use rechargable battery with the gumstick battery together in RH10?I searched the threads showed that it will damage the gumstick battery ,isn't it true? But I think it might prevent the damage if I only charge the gumstick when charging ,and use seperate charger to charge the AA battery,then it will no problems and will not cause damage,isn't it? Or when I use usb,then I usually will not using with the external AA rechargable battery,then does it also prevent the conflict of the two battery? I also bought the rh1 external battery emergency box from gomadic,can I use it with Rh10 ?(the motorola R model in Gomadic com)it seems Rh10 can also be usb charged. I also want to know if I use computer while transferring (uploading)recording from player to pc,or from pc to player,then will the quality of the file will be affected?Have I need to close the application to transfer,but I think it is very inconvenient,as I always need to work with PC.If no bad effect,then I will always using both at the same time. The recording quality of Rh10 is excellent,I record some tapes to pcm,I found the result is really better than using computer soundcard to transfer.I bought the secondhand Rh10 last week. But I felt the mp3 was not great sounding,nor when it convert to atrac plus 256(I think I will order Rh1 when it is available in my area),therefore I need to convert some mp3 to pcm in order to listen to it(I only found this acceptable) But anybody know is there a diffirent in quality of recording between the different model,like NH1,Rh10,and Rh1.I have learned from someone that the recording in NH1 is better than Rh10,is this truth.(they compare the recording using the same hi-md player,therefore is not because it is High digital amp). Thanks for this forums,I found very useful information from it. I have studied threads for several days to learn.
  11. Thanks,I found a lot of info in the forum. Since I have already bought a new H140 ,therefore my money is tight now,so thinking buying NH700 that has the same recording quality as rh1 would be a good idea(the not remembering setting is minor ,it doesn't matter to me)I will use Iriver for playing audio and use Hi-md for recording purpose. But do you think Rh1 is worthing ,may be it has playback which quality that is even better than my Iriver hXX?If it does,adding money will be worthing however.If they are similar,might be NH700 will be sufficient.
  12. I find the MZ-NH700SHERE really economic. I suddenly want to buy it,but is there any difference in recording quality than the Rh1?I think Rh1 have better mp3 playback ,but does it also has better recording specification or hardware that is compare to 700s?( I am attracted by the AA battery ,does it have shorter recording time than Rh1 battery? )Any other shortcomings? Thanks
  13. Thanks for your advice. I am afraid I cannot buy from ebay or gomadic,because I do not have card,and do not have friend to buy for me(we are not secure to do so). If you have other links that can pay on money order,please suggest here.Thanks.
  14. Thanks for your reply. I am going to buy it,but do you know it does that need to buy other tip to use with Rh1?OR just order the product and the tip provided with it?(to fit the plug in Rh1?) I think gomadic is better for me,and more durable and need not to change it after several years using.(than the internal battery of the other two)
  15. Hello: I am going to buy a battery extender for Rh1,and find this helpful one from the thread here Does anybody know that how lond the battery increase compare to original charging,when recording battery is a critical factor. I also found these two from soundpro: MAC-IP-A481 LEN-PPU1700B But do not know what the differnence than the first one. Which one will you buy if you are me? But I also worry the next two ,since they do not use AA battery,therefore I concern them will be more short life time ,isn't it?Because I suppose the build in battery will die someday,isn't it? After reading the product page,I am still have no idea of the last two battery that whether their internal battery can be easily replaced or like the IRIver player that is built in ?But they add very much hours to the recording time. I want to compare these three model and choose which one is the most durable and long lasting? Thanks
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