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  1. Hello, is it possible to get the lastest sonicstage as an offline installer and if so where? im getting a new pc with vista soon and want to do a complete offline install. thanks in advance lodore
  2. lodore


    Hello, how do you check the firmware version of the nw-hd5 player? i wonder if it needs a firmware update or not. its not my player since i known a nw-a3000 thanks in advance lodore
  3. it did party help because i wounded why on the devise it reported the files as just atrac 64kbps and now i know. I hope someone can help me with two of the same artists. i sovled it last time but I cant this time.... i know that sometimes it can be that the grammar can be one letter out so reports it as two artists. last time it happerned my sister helped me with it but shes as uni far away lol. other than that my nw-a3000 is my favorite toy! lodore
  4. Hi, i am mainly happy with my black nw-A3000 but i have one annoying problem with it and its as follows, i imported most of my Joe Satriani CD's in to sonic stage as the atrac 64kbps format and they stay under the same heading as it should. now today i imported the new Joe Satriani live cd both discs as atrac 64kbps advanced lossless format and they apear under the same heading in sonicstage. but on my nw-a3000 i have two Joe Satriani sections which is annoying because i just want one section i think you can see why. i have checked the artist name was the same and it was and even put the same genre. am i right in thinking because its different formats they make a new folder for the same artist? I have seen this problem before and it was because i had one letter out but it doesnt seem to be the problme this time. any idea how i can put all the albums in the same folder on my player? is there any other reason or comman problem that makes sonicstage put it under a new folder on the player? thanks in advance lodore
  5. lodore

    My New Sony NW-A3000

    Hi A quick update as i said i defragged my a300 using diskeeper andit run faster for a while but now it seems a bit slower again so im defragging it again. i guess all the access makes it fragmented again. is perfectdisk better at making it longer till it fragments again?
  6. lodore

    My New Sony NW-A3000

    good point they should of added more ram lol
  7. lodore

    My New Sony NW-A3000

    ok cool. normaly to turn it off i pause the music then put on hold then it turns off. does this waste any battery doing it this way?> i have all my tracks mainly in 64kbps. but when 64kbps loseless came out i used that. so mainly the older type thou. and atm i dont want to rip all the music to the pc again to a higher setting. but maydo later. lodore
  8. lodore

    My New Sony NW-A3000

    the thing i dont get is how fraggmented it is when you get it why did sony do this?
  9. check the manual to see fit here is..
  10. lodore

    My New Sony NW-A3000

    1191 songs so far. so not to bad. with version 3.0 fireware its running flawlessly. and once it was defragged. the package it came in is so nice. so is the player i dont know why thye didnt sell to well. i love it and wouldnt want anyother. i used to prefer the hd5 but now ive got my a3000 i prefer this. btw i got some sennheiser mx 500 headphones anywayi am really pleased with this purchase. its like my favourite purchase ever. i dont know if i have said this before, i haveused sonicstage since version 1 because that what came with my minidisc player so all needed to do was connect my a300 and transfer all my songs over and let the usb charge it
  11. this happerned to my a3000 because i forgot to do that anyway i have got a fix. there should be a reset button on it. which you hold it with a pin then turn it back on and your done. hope this helps and saves time. lol we both said it at saem time
  12. lodore

    My New Sony NW-A3000

    2.01 now updated to 3.0 and now ive defragged it using diskeeper is is fast!!
  13. lodore

    My New Sony NW-A3000

    Hi i have put all my music on it and i see what people mean the disk acess is a bit slow but im defragging it as i write this and soon shoulg be super fast. i like it thou lodore
  14. still have hd1 in stock rofl. i got my a3000 from play.com with some good headphones
  15. im not sure if it was a smart move but i ordered a black a300 today and will come soon. even if sony release a new mp3 player soon i dont care since i will be happy with the a3000
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