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  1. I have a Sony NW-E005F (2 gb) player. Is there a way to use it with my MacBook Pro OS X? I was using SonicStage for Windows previously and wondered if there was a way to get the software to work on the Mac, or to reconfigure the player to work with iTunes.
  2. I installed Sonic Stage 4.3. It doesn't work on Vista Business. Do you know how to get it to work?
  3. My SonicStage 4.3 stopped working with Vista Business. Is there another version that works with Vista Business?
  4. I tried to edit (cut) portions of live recordings in Sonic Stage. It works on OMG files but doesn't work for MP3 files. Thanks for your help!
  5. What is the difference? Where do they still sell them? Is Sony planning on discontinuing SonicStage as well? What recorder alternatives are there for live music?
  6. Do any of you know why SonicStage v.3 does not track the number of times you transfer a song to the player? I set a "Dynamic Playlist" to randomly display and play songs with the lowest transfer count. This would make it easier to refresh my player.
  7. How do you instruct Sonic Stage v 4.3 to refresh your MD or MP3 player with new, least played or least transferred songs? It also seems that Sonic Stage will not delete or replace the songs on the player; you have to first delete them manually before transferring. It looks like it might be the dynamic playlist function, however it's not clear whether Sonic Stage can monitor the number of times you play a song on the MD or MP3 player or just the number of times you play the song on the computer. I'm guessing it's the Dynamic Playlist function, but I do not have it working properly.
  8. The online help isn't great. I wanted to learn more about the Automatic Transfer function - whether it automatically refreshes your titles if not everything fits on the player like the iPod Shuffle. It seems to be leaving the same songs on the player.
  9. Thank you for the advice. No, I have the small, fold-up ECM-DS70P that can connect directly to the Minidisc player. But I double checked Minidisco.com and you're right, I already have the same mic! I thought it was the MS907 that was included with the M200...
  10. I plan to buy either the Sony RH1 or M200 at Minidisco. I presume the M200 is exactly the same as the RH1 but is packaged with the ECM-MS907 microphone. I currently have the ECM-DS70P microphone. Since the ECM-MS907 is packaged at a discount as well, is it worthwhile to get the M200? Is there a significant improvement in sound or functionality compared to the ECM-DS70P? For example, will the ECM-DS70P pick up battery noise because it is closer to the unit? If not, then it would make sense just to get the RH1...
  11. Thank you for your input. Is the CA RH1 the model sold in North America and the JP RH1 sold in Japan? I assume that the minidisc at Minidisco.com (looks to be the cheapest right now) is the CA RH1 model you are referring, though the picture shows the Japanese unit. How much is the JP RH1? Is it significantly more expensive? Is the interface in Japanese? The manual can always be downloaded from the Internet in English anyway.
  12. Is this still be the best (cheapest) place to buy the RH-1?
  13. How do you cut out a portion of a song? I'd like to cut out the introduction or first part of a song. Thanks!
  14. Can the digital voice recorders also be used to record live music and upload into a computer? To my knowledge, musicians are using iRiver which was intended for digital voice recording and marketed as an MP3 player (before they discontinued the recording capability).
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