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  1. I can confirm this works. I have all the MP3s that are accessed through Sonic Stage on my external drive (also backed up elsewhere) by using the above method and pointing SS to external hard drive. LuLu
  2. LuLu

    DVD Video onto A80x

    I'm so glad you posted this message (not that you're having trouble but that you reminded me to also ask for help!). My problem relates more conversion (I have an A-806). I can get files transferred to the device but it takes a ridiculous number of steps and time. The first thing I noticed was that most of the videos I wanted to use on my player were not in a format the Image Converter would recognize. I was interested in viewing videos that had been embedded in web sites (eg. YouTube) or presentations (things like the TED talks, although these you can also download). When embedded these files are usually in flash (.flv). To grab them I’ve been using a product called Replay Media Catcher. This works fine. Then I found this software, AVS Media. It comes with three applications (AVS Video Converter, AVS DVD to go and AVS Capture Video (for web cams)). AVS DVD to go converts DVD movies (this part works fine, BTW). The AVS Video Converter will handle flash (.flv) and will output in many options (.avi, .mp4, .mpg, .mov, .wmv). The .mp4 offers a format tailored for the PSP so I picked that since this is also a Sony device. But even after that Image Converter still insists on converting it again! In fact there are some situations in which files of the same format require conversion by Image Converter and others do not! Because this is done in real time (the video plays while it is converting) it can take hours (one hour for Replay Media Catcher to record it from the web site, another for AVS Video conversion tool to just to convert and how ever long Image Converter takes to convert before I can see it on my player). It is hardly worth the effort. Then there are the videos that I buy through iTunes. Of course they are DMR. Since I paid for it I think I should be able to view it on whichever device I want. So I had to get another application, Tunebyte to convert those. I didn't install the codecs for mpeg 4 so the only other option is WMV, which of course Image Converter has to convert. If anyone is also doing this type of thing but has figured out how to do it with fewer steps please share. Also if anyone is using AVS Video Converter with a format/output option that does not require conversion with Image Converter I would appreciate knowing about it. Thanks. LuLu
  3. LuLu

    Sony NWZ-A820-Record TV?

    Thanks for your response. I'm not sure if you are addressing my question or not. Neither of the two things you have written say anything about transferring video that has been recorded on a Walkman back to a PC. On another note: Television broadcast stations in North America will soon be using digital only soon. See this article: http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/digitaltv.html for more information. LuLu
  4. LuLu

    Sony NWZ-A820-Record TV?

    How are you sure? Remember how long it took us before we could transfer recordings we made using MD devices back to our computer? In this case you are recording video material that is known to be copyrighted. LuLu
  5. LuLu

    Sony NWZ-A820-Record TV?

    According to this translation of a Sony site in Japan it is compatible. The specs are: ● audience segment broadcasting video, music playback when convenient "Walkman" dedicated mono speaker ● A910/A820 series of chips that came to stand still use the chance to wear mini-speakers ● cap with convenient portability ● compact size. Power is the "Walkman" from supply ● overall output of 400 mW ● WM PORT-equipped "Walkman" only Anyone guess what the second one about chips coming to a stand still means? I was also wondering if the content you record from your television using this player can be transferred to your computer? I doubt it given the copyright issues but it would be useful. LuLu
  6. LuLu

    Sony NWZ-A820-Record TV?

    Thanks for posting this link aob9. Does anyone know if the port on this device is the same as the WM-PORT (22pin) found in previous DAPs? I'm interested in the external speaker that goes with the NW-A820. I find it a bit of a pain to show video clips to friends using my A806 and not be able to both hear the sound because one of us is using the earphones. LuLu
  7. They have also released a new E series line. Here's the link: http://www.engadget.com/2008/02/20/sony-ge...eries-walkmans/ These new models have interchangeable "shells" to change the look of the device. Also note the display will handle cover art. I take it that the version released in Japan will have SS but it won't be included for releases beyond. LuLu
  8. LuLu

    ATRAC - yay or nay?

    Does anyone know why SS is being discontinued everywhere but Japan? LuLu
  9. LuLu


    This is a great unit. I've had mine for about a year and a half and use it constantly. I like the USB connection up front that I occassionally use as a quick charge rather than looking around for my adapter or turning my computer on. I also use this feature to play stuff I have on my DAP (like podcasts) so I can listen without earphones. I've paired headphones (DRBT50) with this and the bluetooth works great. I also stream my A-806 so I can watch videos downloaded from the Internet and hear them through the stereo speakers. It has allowed me to use media on one device (normally my computer, which is located in my den) usable on other devices (that I want to be located in my living room). I find this separation essential for content that entertainment oriented (I'm sick of watching/listening to stuff for fun in my den). Overall I've managed to find a use for almost all the features this unit has to offer. Can't beat that price either LuLu
  10. LuLu

    ATRAC - yay or nay?

    I purposely wrote the last question that way to acknowledge the fact that ATRAC is tied to SS. I think the comments posted under the poll pretty much sum up the thoughts that have been shared here over the past few months. As for the poll so far...quite a few people like ATRAC, some don't and others are on the fence. Drag and drop is pretty much evenly divided as are feelings about SS. With one quarter to one third being neutral on all three questions it may demonstrate that those who prefer ATRAC or drag n drop are using it for something specific. For example, I think one issue related to a desire for ATRAC is gapless. Perhaps those that like drag n drop use their DAP in many different computers and relying on SS would be a barrier. It is a small sample size so far so hard to make any conclusions at this point. I wonder if the comments on Amazon are markedly different than the ones here and if so, this is based on participants here being more part of a community, having read other's opinions that helped shape theirs? LuLu
  11. LuLu

    ATRAC - yay or nay?

    Hi all, We haven't had a poll for a while and the new 800 series that support drag and drop have been out long enough to get some feedback from those who are using them. Vote now! LuLu
  12. Try googling the exact error message, "A Service installation section in this INF is invalid". There is a lot dicussion about this. It seems as though the message is not specific to Sony DAPs. Perhaps you can find a solution from those that are posted elsewhere. Please report back what you learn. LuLu
  13. What other applications can you install on an external hard drive that would function without the OS (somehow) also being installed? LuLu
  14. Thanks for pointing this out Clockwork. I checked the manual and under "Power source" (page 134 in my version) it states that it contains a "rechargeable lithium-ion battery". However, in the troubleshooting section under "battery life is short" it states, "The efficiency of the battery will be improved by repeatedly charging and discharging it" (page 112). So my suggestion of letting it run down completely is incorrect but the idea of repeatedly recharging it appears to be correct.
  15. I'm not sure how long mine lasts as I often end up adding new files (and charging it as it is connected to the computer) before the battery runs down. One thing is for sure. It runs down a lot quicker using the video part. It also depletes faster if you are using the video display when listening to Mp3s (you don't have the screen saver on). You may need to "condition" it. Let the battery run down completely then recharge completely. Do this a few times then use it "normally" and see how long it lasts.
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