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  1. Thanks Robshaz - will try it
  2. Hi, I'm getting an N510 that I'd like to hack for the lineout feature. The N510 is not listed in the 'How to' guide, http://www.minidisc.org/mzr700_to_mzr900.html , but there is a reference to it in the discussion thread which suggests the hack can be done. "Posted on: Jun 21 2004, 11:16 PM I had a similar problem when my MZ-N510 was hacked. The hack caused the battery indicator to show more battery power than was actually left. This resulted in shut-offs during recording over USB (when current drain is higher than in playback). This problem can be fairly simple to avoid, just make sure that the highest bit of the value in register 61 is not set when hacking." Can anyone tell me what procedure to follow? Does the post mean that you shouldn't change setting 1? Hope somebody can help. all the best chrisss
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