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  1. Many thanx, KJ, for your prompt and correct fix, I'd hoped for something painfully simple and obvious with my failing eyesight making things frustrating.
  2. With (always) new batteries and my not having known to unintentionally adjust anything to affect it I now have a unit that plays recordings at a significantly slower pace, rendering it unuseable. What could have happened, has this been heard of before?
  3. I barely dropped the AC adapter (on a linoleum surface) and immediately that was the end of my power source. The prong/insert and cord all seems fine, it was the boxy part that took the minuscule brunt. Can these actually be this susceptible to terminal damage? Anyone here experience a similar absurdity? What options do I have other than lump it and waste batteries or buy another (where?) and suspend my activities til the mail arrives? Very bummed. Thanx! And I guess we can't correct misspellings in the title?
  4. I'm currently getting my MD collection into my laptop and want some blank discs again to use as backup at gigs I record but am finding trouble in recording over full discs or merely erasing the content. Isn't there a basic way to wipe the discs clean from the unit itself, minus any hookup to a computer? Is there even useable software now for the 200? Thanx!
  5. Actually, it was a need and that unit did what I needed, or so I thot. Anybody care to walk me thru the last steps on this?
  6. Thanx guys, my last indulgence with MD was to get an RH1 because it was supposedly able to upload, so that bit of thinking/luck may be in my favor, but what is my next step in getting the optimum chances of a good transfer? I have the soft/hardware goodies that came with the unit, do I need to get that installed first? Will the manual guide me thru the rest or are there quirks I need to be aware of? Should it all fail and I'm forced to 'line out', will there be loss of sound quality? I've waited years to get this going so I appreciate your help in finally end running the frustration of SONY and my own tech ignorance.
  7. I guess I should first ask if anything has happened in recent times to allow direct upping of MD to laptop, like a workable edition of SoundForge or SoundStage, whatever the crap app SONY put out years back that did nothing? If not, what's the best sound quality way to get my music from MD into my laptop? Thanx!
  8. Finally getting around to using my M-10 and 3 of the 4 times I've used it (so far only at live venues) it's provided annoyingly worthless recordings due to some weird and hard to describe sounds that shouldn't be there. I got one clean recording so I know it can be good, but the rest have a residual reverby accompaniment that is unacceptable. I've used other recorders at the same venue/spot without problems and recently it was quickly after the one good recording was done and I didn't do anything differently. Very frustrating. Would using an external mic be a short term remedy or is there more going on? Has this come up for discussion before, and what is the problem/solution? Thanx!
  9. msteeln

    Sonocstage Qs

    I just tried to upload an SP discful and it ain't happening. You're saying I can't upload any SP discs to SS? This would suck in a major way after all this time and $, and in fact I did do it on my friend's laptop, with this same NET MD disc. As usual, I don't get it... Does DSEE do anything to help get the volume back up?
  10. msteeln

    Sonocstage Qs

    At this baby step level all I want is to transfer my NET MD/HiMD collection to my laptop, and eventually dispense with the dying MD format altogether.
  11. msteeln

    Sonocstage Qs

    Sonicstage, of course... Having just gotten my laptop back from repair, I'm finally trying SS on it and am not too happy so far, and of course I have little clue about what I'm even doing... The sound level of tracks transfered onto and played from 'My Library' are significantly of lower vol. than the original on my recorder and is a virtual deal killer for me. Is this normal? It shouldn't matter what vol. level is set on my MD unit when tranfering, right? All other vols. are 100%. Will they transfer to another program(?) from SS at the same low vol. or back to the original state? Shouldn't all contents from my MD recorder go onto SS without having to select each group? How can I transfer SS tracks to another program(?) like Windows Media Player? When I first tried all this on a friend's laptop, we were able to listen from it's speakers even tho I see that function was cancelled years back, on mine you can't, only w/earphones. 'My Library' track titles come with many ????s / #s and are difficult to rename and manage in correct order. Seems I can't title them prior to transfer. Can this be done easily? Can I transfer them off SS in WAV straight to a CD? Can I Email them? Does QHiMD Transfer work without these hassles? Where is that site addy?
  12. I'll check all that out, asap. Roxio was/is planned... Thanx for Nero.
  13. Thanx. Got the burner, and assuming we did have the disc in place, what yet might be stalling the process?
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