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  1. Okay, it appears that in trying to bend the little tab back into place, i actually snapped it off. Does anyone know if its possible to solder a barnacle USB connector onto the minidisc?
  2. Thanks for the quick replies everyone! It turned out that the person who lent it to me, did so because they bent the little tab inside the USB port and couldn't use it anymore. So i shoved a lock pick in there and bent it back into shape, works great, my first MD!
  3. I got a hold of an old MZ-N510, and I'm trying to use a USB cable i found lying around the house for it. The cable looks just like the one here: However, looking at the port, i think the small tab inside the USB port might be bent or broken, because it is on the opposite side. Am I correct, or is this USB port proprietary?
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