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  1. Hello, I have an error message on my Sony Mz Nh 700 : "format error disc" then "format to record or play ?" then "push YES : ENTER, NO : CANCEL" What is this problem ? What does this mean ? What should I do ? I have hours of live recordings on my HiMd and I don't want to lose the files. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hi ! I have received the minidisc I had sent to Sony a few weeks ago. They've managed to recover datas as : .jpg, .doc and .xls files. Unfortunately they did not managed to recover the recordings of my music courses. They sent me back 2 minidiscs : - my old minidisc - a new minidisc with the files they managed to recover. I will not touch my old minidisc. I hope someone will find a way to recover the datas. The employee of the Sony Customer Service told me that sometimes they manage to recover recordings. Carine
  3. Hello, I have already send my disc and sent a letter with lots of details (I don't know if they need these details, but I think it is better to write too much than nothing !) : - material and disc used (for me, MZ NH 700 + HI MD 1GB) - version of Sonic Stage - explain what happened - number of tracks lost (+ time of these tracks) - list and descritpion of documents lost (live tracks, copies of CD, personnal documents as .JPEG, .DOC, .XLS...) - your name, adress, country, phone number Re-write your name and adress on the disc ! Hope they can do something for you !
  4. Hello, Sony Austia is the European Customer Service for Europe. For the US you should phoned to Sony US. I am going to the post office today to send my minidisc. Carine
  5. Good news ! Until now, it seems that there were no solution to recover lost datas on hi-md 1GB, but Sony has a free recovery service for customers. You have to send the minidisc to SONY RECORDING MEDIA CUSTOMER SERVICE EUROPE PO BOX 1 A-5081 ANIF AUSTRIA I phoned Sony austria today and they asked me to send them my minidisc. They will send it to Japan. They have a free recovery service in Japan. And then, they will send me back the disc with the datas (if they manage to recover them). Really happy because I have lost more than 40 hours of personal music courses ! Hope this will be helpful ! Carine
  6. Hello, What is a Legacy MD ? I have sent a mail to : http://www.esdl.co.uk/ I've asked them if they can do something to recover the datas. I'm waiting for their answer. Carine
  7. Hello, Your answer is so hard ! I've phoned the french sony assistance. A specialist will call me back. I will inform you. Hope there is a solution. I will hold my disc. Carine
  8. Hello, I am french and my english is not very good, but I will try to be clear. While I was modifying files on a HI-MD 1MG whith my Sony MZ NH 700, I erased all the files (big mistake !). The text written on the minidisc player is "no track". I've lost everything. Is there a way to recover the files, please ? Thanks for your help. Carine
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