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  1. Hi, I am looking to buy a pro quality or very good Lavalier Microphone that would be compatable with my Hi MD Minidisc MZ-RH1 I have a ECM MS 907 microphone which i know is not of professional level, but it is excellent quality for what i am looking for. So i am hoping to find a Lavaliere which will give me close or even better to this quality if possible, when matched to the minidisc. When recording pauses of silence using the 907, the recording comes as 'real silence' with no background buzz, hum or any other noise. The voice I am recording, sounds very good, clear, and very near natural. Can you suggest any Lavalier of similar quality that would be compatible with the HiMD Mnidisc please? Any Lavalieres i have tried already, all have some sort of background hum which is very apparent during a pause of silence. I am using it to record Poetry in a very quiet studio like environment, and looking for a natural sounding recording of the voice, complete with the feeling of the voice and sensuality of the voice. There are many short pauses of silence between words, and phrases in the reciting of the poetry. I am using Adobe Audition to edit the recording, but would like to start by gathering the sound using a lavaliere which can capture near natural, with as little noise as possible. I would prefer a wired rather than wireless lavaliere. Surely some of you guys must have actually used a lavalier to record quiet speech ? I have already contacted Sony on this (SonyStyle and Sony Pro office) and have had no suggestions from them. Thanks in advance, Dave
  2. Hi, Can MZ-RH1 upload WAV file via USB onto a PC, and then i can burn it to a CD ? I am looking for a solution which i can use to record a voice using microphone. And then upload to a PC.... preferably via USB, as a WAV file. I then want to record the WAV file onto a CD. I am trying to read between the lines that say i must use SonicStage to upload my recordings via USB. I am suspicious, that the files i upload will not be in a WAV file format, that i can then burn to CD via Nero burning software of some other CD burning software. Any advice appreciated. Dave
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