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  1. Hi thanks for all your replies, ive got the gist of what ive got to do to get my recordings onto my computer. Digital line out from my sony deck to pc with sound card with digital line in and some sort of sofware on the pc to act as an interface such as audacity or something similar. Hope ive got all the information correct people have offered. thanks everyone. chris.
  2. Hi again. Thanks for replying so quickly. I have a sony home deck model NO-MDS-JE510.Which according to the manual has got digital optical out. so I think by what Ive read here I can with the right sound card re-record my MDs to my pc. Hope ive got that right. the main reason Im asking all this is because my Sony car unit has packed up again for the second time, and am thinking of calling it a day with It.Sorry to drone on with all this, but Im assuming that once there on the pc I can then re-organise them into different formats? Again thanks everyone. Chris.
  3. Hi Folks. I am a complete newbie to this forum. And would like some information if at all possible. I would like to know if it is possible to record from my minidisc to a pc digitally. Its just that after reading your FAQ for beginners FAQ NO6 says direct transfers cant be done. But FAQ NO 13 says that with the right digital cable you can record to your pc. Am I getting transfer and recording mixed up? I don't mind at all if I have to do it in real time, it would be really good to be able to do it digitally. any help would be appreciated. regards Chris.
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