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  1. Okay, thanks guys. We'll i'm obviously new to this. I broke out the old netmd cuz keeping up with technology is no fun for me anymore. I tried an ipod and itunes, etc and all the complication, for profits sake annoyed me. Can you break it down for me. So your saying I can't use the sonic stage that i just downloaded, i need to do a search for Nero or simple burner(don't have original software). And convert the mp3/aac/pos(kinda file that i get from the audiobook site) to a cd format(wav?) and then convert it to LP4. I think i must have missed something. Thanks
  2. What format is the best for playing audio books. I get them from everywhere(itunes, audible.com, etc) I don't understand why i can't load mp4 audio books from itunes onto my MD, but i'm retarded. I would like to add trackmarks so that i can mark stuff to go back and restudy.
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