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  1. Incidently I am 48 and could not tell you the name of any group or song in the charts now or in the past 10 years or more. I dont dislike any particular type of music, just the odd band. One week in Scotland last year I saw Richard Thompson, Ladysmith Black Mambosa, Ocean Colour Scene and The Royal Scottish Symphony Orchestra and all were brilliant, with the exception of OCS who were mediocre at best.
  2. I will not listen to The Beatles, completely over rated in my view, repetative garbage that carries on in Paul McCartneys solo work. No one should say they dislike anything in the top 40, otherwise you suddenly become old and sounding like your parents.
  3. Thanks you for all your suggestions. I also noticed that even faulty minidiscs are creaping up in price on ebay. I did actually look at my glasses and thought, Nah! they always come out too lol.
  4. Hi Folks, wondering if anyone can help? I have an NH900 HiMD that somehow has lost a casing screw. Its the top, left side which helps to hold the 'carriage' inside. I have tried everywhere but no luck so far. I am in the UK. Thanks in anticipation
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