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  1. I was able to charge a newer battery after diddling with the contacts before closing the battery door. Now, it seems to charge without the diddling.
  2. There was some oxidation, but no change in the result. Would a totally dead battery prevent the charging? I don't want to invest in a new battery if the unit is toast. Anyone have an old battery they would donate to the cause? A cheap new battery source would also be appreciated. I also would be in the market for a battery charger is someone wanted to unload one. Thanks, Grape
  3. I recently pulled out my MZ-R900 to see if it was still operational. When I tried to charge the battery, the charging message comes up, but the screen immediately goes blank. Any suggestions? I have not used it in about two years. I tried the replacement battery I had been using as well as the original battery. Thanks, Grape
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