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  1. Hello everyone, I wish you a happy new year .. I need some enlightments .. The modified driver-files you gave are meant to make a NetMD Device be recognized by W7 64b. Is it OK ? Another problem that I'd like to solve is the following : When I plugg a Hi-MD device (Sony RH1) on my W7 computer, it depends on the type of MD which is inside. If it is a Hi-MD disc, everything is all-right. If it is a Net-MD disc, the device is not recognized. I need to use my Sony Rh1 (Hi-MD device) to load the content of my Net-MD discs and copy them on the hard disc. I used to do that on my XP computer. I wonder if the drivers you gave are the solution for this second problem .. ?????? Thank you for replying and helping ... Mappec ;-)
  2. Azureal, Do you mean that if I overwrite the c:\program files\sony\personal audio driver\NetMDUSB.inf file with the file you list above, my RH1 with a netMD disc inside will work on W7 64b ? Now it doesn't, it only works with SS 4.3 on W7 when a Hi-MD disc is inserted. Thanks for your help and commitment, Oh Wolfware, Like you, (as you said on your post 25th nove) I'd like to make my N707 run on SS 4.3 with W7. The .inf you mention is that located in c:\program files\sony\Personal audio driver\ and named : NETMDUSB.inf? Thanks :-) MA (from France)
  3. Hello Guru, Thanks for trying to help us ... I've got a net-MD Mz-N707 ans a Hi-MD MZ-RH1. And Windows 7 professionnal. SonicStage 4.3 works fine with the RH1 and a Hi-MD disc. I only use MDs to record lectures or lessons of music and to store them on my computer. When I use a Hi-MD disc, it works fine. But net-MD discs are not recognized either in the MZ-N707 or in the MZ-RH1. I've tried do uninstall SS and re-install it after new download, I've also tried the PA-DRIVER-V.exe which is supposed to be a driver for net-md(s) and W Vista. But it did'n change anything. Have you got any piece of advice for me, Guru ?? It would be fine ! Best thoughts from France...
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