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  1. Hello everyone,

    I wish you a happy new year ..

    I need some enlightments ..

    The modified driver-files you gave are meant to make a NetMD Device be recognized by W7 64b.

    Is it OK ?

    Another problem that I'd like to solve is the following :

    When I plugg a Hi-MD device (Sony RH1) on my W7 computer, it depends on the type of MD which is inside.

    If it is a Hi-MD disc, everything is all-right.

    If it is a Net-MD disc, the device is not recognized.

    I need to use my Sony Rh1 (Hi-MD device) to load the content of my Net-MD discs and copy them on the hard disc. I used to do that on my XP computer.

    I wonder if the drivers you gave are the solution for this second problem .. ??????

    Thank you for replying and helping ...

    Mappec ;-)

  2. Azureal,

    Do you mean that if I overwrite the

    c:\program files\sony\personal audio driver\NetMDUSB.inf file with the file you list above, my RH1 with a netMD disc inside will work on W7 64b ?

    Now it doesn't, it only works with SS 4.3 on W7 when a Hi-MD disc is inserted.

    Thanks for your help and commitment,

    Thx JP, I use the driver to get my Net MD MZ-N707 working on Windows 2008.

    Just modifed the inf file so...



    Forgot to add, worked a treat, first time :)

    Oh Wolfware,

    Like you, (as you said on your post 25th nove) I'd like to make my N707 run on SS 4.3 with W7.

    The .inf you mention is that located in c:\program files\sony\Personal audio driver\

    and named : NETMDUSB.inf?

    Thanks :-)


    MA (from France) :thank_you2:

  3. Hello Guru,

    Thanks for trying to help us ... :new_russian:

    I've got a net-MD Mz-N707 ans a Hi-MD MZ-RH1.

    And Windows 7 professionnal.

    SonicStage 4.3 works fine with the RH1 and a Hi-MD disc.

    I only use MDs to record lectures or lessons of music and to store them on my computer.

    When I use a Hi-MD disc, it works fine.

    But net-MD discs are not recognized either in the MZ-N707 or in the MZ-RH1.

    I've tried do uninstall SS and re-install it after new download, I've also tried the PA-DRIVER-V.exe which is supposed to be a driver for net-md(s) and W Vista. But it did'n change anything.

    Have you got any piece of advice for me, Guru ?? It would be fine !

    Best thoughts from France... :thank_you2:

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