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    I have a sony mz-nh700 md,and would like to buy a spare battery.I cant seem to find one the same as the one that came with the md.I want to ask will any AA battery do,or will it have to be the same as the one in the unit.Has anyone had to buy a spare batterty for their mz-nh700,if so any help will be really appreciated,thanks.
  2. I experienced similar( not as bad ) results from bad mic placement.As soon as i recorded a show with the mic sraised up/ clipped to my shirt collar,almost like magic...huge improvment.Im not saying mic placement is what has caused your problem,but its a possibility.
  3. Ive always used an lr 44 battery for my ecm-719 and,as far as i know its the right kind of battery.As for the light,im not sure if the light is dimly lit,or whether it just looks like it is.So i would say,unless you see any reason not to,carry on using the battery you are using for the mic.
  4. Well since i started this thread ive tried these mics a couple more times at live shows.Although,not perfect ( if theres such a thing) there has been enough improvment to make me a lot happier with these mics.Thanks to all the advice/info,it seems to be helping me quite a lot.I have something called bass on my recordings too,which is always nice.
  5. I dont think the venues i go to would be happy with a mic pole of any kind.I guess il give it a go next week when il be at a standing gig and see how the recording turns out.I can at least clip them to my jacket and at least itll ( hopefully ) be an improvment on what im already doing.
  6. The camera bag is on the seat next to me,im on the back row( of a small venue 400 max) and so have people sat in front.Do you think the acoustics of the venue could be partly responsible?.
  7. Yes im using a battery box with them.I have clipped the mics onto my camera bag and just left them when ive been filming.Ive never had them clipped to my jacket etc as i move sometimes when im filming and dont really want the audio from the md to be affected beacuse of this movement.
  8. I bought a pair of these mics a few months ago and have only used them twice.I havent got what i would call a good recording with them as it seems so bassy and slightly dim sounding.On the sound professionals site the samples with thse mics sound fantastic,but its not what im getting.Also im thinking about using these mics for a concert next week and il possibly be right at the front,and not sure how these mics will cope,even though it wont be a loud show.When i recorded a blues band i was a good few feet back and didnt need to turn my levels up very far ( about 8 out of 30) to get a loud enough recording.If i was to be at the front of the stage itll be a quiet show and there are always people chatting throughout the shows at this venue hence my reason for wanting to be so close.Im guessing my levels will hardly need to be turned up at all if im so close??.Are my recording coming out as they are( not as amzing sounding as the soundprofessionals samples with thses mics) as im not in the right place in the venue,or are my mics not high enough to make it sound clearer??.Has anyone used these mics at a loud rock show or up close at a quiter gig??.
  9. I meant you could try and mess around with it to make it sound a bit chunkier.Going to see alan carr on thursday so il see how the ecm 719 works with his stand up show.
  10. It doesnt pick up a lot of the bass,but maybe messing with the recording afterwards you might add a bit of bass.Im going to be recording a stand up comedian on thursday so il be using the ecm 719 for that,and hoping itll come out pretty well.Ive used the ecm 719 to record a beatles tribute act,i was on the stage with the band when i was recording.Although due to where i was stood you can hear some instruments better than others there is no real distortion.It might not be the best mic,but its always done well for recording concerts.
  11. I use this mic too and havent had any problems at all.It takes a small battery like a watch battery,and it goes in the back of the mic.I always go line in,and set my record level using manual set, i usually set it at about 15-20 out of 30 and get listenable results.You got a real bargain for £9,as i paid around £ 50 for mine when i bought it new.Im no expert( far from it) but i think as long as you put a battery in the mic,and go line in,and set you levels at a reasonble level you should see quite an improment.
  12. Are there any fans here of the slightly camp comedian.Im going to see him this thursday and i cant wait.Im a huge fan of the friday night project too.
  13. i realise the mic im using probably isnt the best...if there is such a thing.Its done well as far as recording( very loud) concerts,although it lacks on bass quite a bit ive always been happy.I have a pair of sp-bmc 2 mics also,so i may use them instead to see how it turns out.If i use the 719 i might just use the voice mode and see how it goes.
  14. Im using a sony mz-nh700 and a sony ecm-719 mic.Would the voice modeon this mic really make any great difference for this kind of thing.I always record hi-sp mode for all recordings i make,so will this be recorded the same as others,unless there is a better way.
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