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  1. thanks mdx-400. it seems like it is a minidisc manufacturer issue. my pre-recorded mini's work fine as do both sony mdw80pl's and the maxells i have. the few memorex ones i have are the ones that end up getting snagged. i guess the tolerances are slightly different. (?) best, jon

    Sounds like part of the mechanism is out of alignment or has been compressed or warped somehow. Strange for a NOS unit, yes, but not unheard of especially considering shipping and storage that it's been through since it was produced. What I would do is disassemble it and try to find out why that is happening and fix it. But that's what I would do. If you're not comfortable with doing that, all I can suggest is a repair shop (though at that point you're probably going to spend more than what you paid and/or more than buying a newer better deck).

    As for the service manual note that S/Ms never give specific info for fixes. They just show the wiring and block diagrams as well as assembly details and other technical info (such as calibration procedures, etc.). In other words it shows you all the technical details but it doesn't actually tell you how to "fix" anything. Think of it as a guide with information that has to be "interpreted" by a technician.

    Interestingly that part is not replaceable (that's what the not supplied text means--they don't sell it as a part). Therefore to repair that problem you're going to have to manually do something to make it work properly. If it's a metal part you could try gently bending it one way or the other (if that is possible) or you might have to tighten or loosen screws of that part or other parts and even use shims (washers) if something isn't aligning properly.

  2. hello,

    i recently purchased a new old stock, sony mds-501 player and have run into a snag. while everything thing seems to work fine (disc is accepted and plays through all tracks) when i go to take out an ejected disc, the disc shutter is getting hung up on a spring loaded arm the looks like it is designed to apply tension to the side of the disc, as it is initially accepted into the carriage.

    i downloaded the service manual and while there is a drawing detailing this tensioned arm, there doesn't appear to be any specific info on a fix for this.

    has anyone encountered this before or would anyone know of a solution?

    i've enclosed a pdf file detailing the part (listed under no. 162 "not supplied")

    thanks in advance for your help.


    *just noticed something, i have two different mini discs, one with a metal shutter and one with a plastic shutter. the plastic shutter md's can be removed while the metal shutter ones get hung up on this lever arm. has anyone encountered this before?


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