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  1. ocean

    RH1 or RH10/M100?

    Thanks for the added detail--thats exactly what I wanted to know!
  2. I will admit, when I bought my N510, I was actually first attracted to the format by the coolness factor of the media. I liked the idea of removable candy-coloured discs--for me, it seemed like the indie choice for music recorders. I also came across this graphic when the iPod's major competitor was still the CD walkman, but the argument applies here: MD recorders have removable media, and that therefore makes their capacity so much more versatile than flash recorders. You can replace broken or damaged discs without losing an entire library of music, and never have to rely on a computer to dump your recordings.
  3. ocean

    RH1 or RH10/M100?

    Thanks for all ya help, guys! I'll be picking one up soon! I don't want to have to buy from the sony store, but I have $100+ in gift money, so I'll have to get my store to order in an RH1 (they don't stock them normally--surprise?) Thanks for your time
  4. ocean

    RH1 or RH10/M100?

    My understanding was that it displayed this information not on the unit itself, but only on the remote. I hope this is still true!
  5. ocean

    RH1 or RH10/M100?

    Thanks everyone for your replies. I've learned a lot lurking around here and at Audio-T forums. Anyhow, some questions: How is browsing on Hi-MD? When I used to listen to my NZ-N510, I had to listen to the tracks in whatever order they were recorded in, or whatever order I set them in sonicstage, and that was that. Is this true of Hi-MD players? Is it organized by the order the songs were placed on the disc, or is it organized by artist, album, or some other method of sorting? In lieu of anything else, I've been listening off of an old Atrac3plus CD player, and the Mp3s I put on my CD are by default sorted alphabetically by artist, and then by song. Is this how it works on Hi-MD? Can I change that at all? Speaking of CDs, how is the seek time compared to Hi-MD? It takes sometimes a few seconds to go from one track to the next, and not the short glitch I'm used to with my N510, but three or four seconds on a packed MP3 CD. Can I expect quicker or slower response from a Hi-MD player with lots of tunes on it? How about folders? Does the RH1 support them? What I'm really missing from an MP3 player is the sense of playlists. I used to have one playlist I listened to on my computer, and the same one on my ipod. Is there any way to facilitate playlists on a Hi-MD playe?r (my N510 has a feature whereby I can go through and specially mark tracks I want to listen to, and then listen to only marked tracks, but this was tedious. Is any similar feature present in this generation of players?) So is there any way for me to change the playback order, is basically what I'm asking. The size of hi-MD discs is such that you can potentially be looking at a lot of tracks all at once. I need to know that I cna navigate it if I have to. Yeah, I realize I'm asking a lot of playback questions, and this is a recording-purposed device, but hey, I can ask, right? I really need a solid recorder for digital filmmaking and recording jam seshes, but whatever unit I pick up is going to be playing double duty as my DAP, since I haven't anything else. Thanks for your time! EDIT: I forgot to ask: how is seeking within a song? Is there anything resembling a seek bar, or am I limited to ff/rw (holding down the next/prev buttons, usually) or what? Thanks
  6. ocean

    RH1 or RH10/M100?

    Yeah sorry, I got that confused. M200, I meant to say. Looks like I'm defaulted to an rh1?
  7. I've been listening to a MZ-N510 for a number of years. About a year ago, I picked up a 5th gen iPod, and kept the MD player around for line-in recording. Recently, both have broken down and are far enough out of warranty (I also cracked the case on my ipod, voiding it.) SO, I need something to replace my music playback and recording devices. Hi-MD really caught my eye. But I've got a few questions: -The product numbers are a bit confusing. What's the difference between the RH1 and M200? I've heard there's no difference at all, but sonystyle is ambiguous. What's the difference between the RH10(M100) and M10 (RH910)? It looks to me like only the display is different--backlit, instead of LCD. Anything else I should know about. But assuming that these models are similar within their groups, what are the drawbacks and advantages of each one? I'm looking at buying an RH1 or an RH10. The RH1 looks like it has more functionalities, but being as how it replaces my ipod for playback, I don't like the idea of song titles and play modes being stuck on the remote, which might not always be convenient. For this reason, I like the RH10's multiline display for playback and navigation. Which should I choose?
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