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  1. For people in the United Kingdom, this place can't be beat: http://www.smallbattery.company.org.uk/ind.../sbc_lip4wm.htm Cheapest I've seen them anywhere, except those dodgy ones on ebay. Plus I like the idea of a shop that sells nothing but obscure batteries.
  2. Yup, it's fine with just the headphones. The static was caused by me recording some guitar direct from the mic level output of an amp attenuator with the grounding all messed up - there was some kind of grounding problem but it was from my set up, NOT the RH1. That combined with the noise from the remote created the appearance of a problem.....Put it all down to the trials of noobness.
  3. OK, problem solved. I think it was my mistake, as I'm accustomed to monitoring levels and things through earphones while recording. It seems you can't have the headphones/remote plugged in while recording, unless you want audible display and motor noise on the recording. It's a bit finnicky, but I can live with it. Back to loving this little machine now. I'd be really grateful if anyone could confirm that theirs does the same. EEK! You beat me to it. You were right. Nice car by the way.
  4. Hi, I'm a new poster here. I finally bought a new MZ RH1 to replace the cassette WM D6C I was STILL using for gig and field recordings. On balance, the sound quality is unbeatable, however... When recording from the mic input (so far I've only used a studio mic - a sennheiser MD441 through a stereo adaptor then through a grado 1/4" to 3.5mm jack adaptor into the mic socket) I notice audible ticking that seems to be in sync with the display. Turning the display off has no effect. Also there is some of what sounds like motor noise. At current levels, it's sort of ruining any recordings. Line in recordings are fine. There is also sometimes static noise if I touch the controls. Turning the machine around sometimes solves the problem. It's almost like it isn't grounded properly. Just wondering if this is normal before I go marching into the Sony service centre. thanks, Tony
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