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  1. what are the pros/cons for the Sony MZ-Rh910 model? What is the difference in the NH models and the RH models if both of them upload to the PC?
  2. how old could this NH900 possibly be? Or, when was this model released?
  3. after thinking about it, I'm alright with not being able to upload my songs to my PC, I just don't have the money to spend it on a 150-180 dollar system. The ones I am looking at are not stock photos, and I contacted 2 of the 4 possible sellers and 1 of them purchased the device 2 years ago, and the other purchased it around a year ago, they all have good feedback from what I see. EDIT I may have found a good deal for a NH900. I just asked when the user purchased the item, but he has many sells and a very high good-percentage
  4. how does the recording head break down?
  5. Hm, alright so I have noticed a major price difference from the ones that can upload to a PC to the ones that cannot. If I pick one that does not upload to a pc like the MZ-R700, what does that mean? I have to listen to everything on the player with the minidisc inside it? And is it that much of a hassle that I will GREATLY regret it later?
  6. I see one here on eBay for the Sony MZ-R700. Does this one satisfy all my requests?
  7. Wow, thanks for the help! I do want the recorder to be able to upload to the computer. And since the ones you all suggested are a little bit out of my price range, do yall think it would be alright to try to find a deal on eBay or something of that sort? Thanks!
  8. Ok, so I'm a trumpet player and I need a device to record my own, and other players sounds on so I can compare and try to improve on my own. Numerous players suggested a Mini-Disc recorder, but alas, I am overwhelmed in this technical area. All of you pro's please help me, here are my guidelines: It has to be of alright quality, I don't want a recorder that sounds like something my phone has recorded. I would like it under 100$ USD. That's about it, so if anyone has any suggestions for one with those guidelines post it please, or if you believe something else would better suit my needs. Thanks!
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