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  1. I have a MZ NH700 and sometimes when I transfer music from computer to the HI MD disc I get dropouts in the music. Does anyone know if this is an issue with HiMD or SonicStage or is it me. I had a perfectly good component model in Australia and I left it behind due to voltage issues. Wish I hadn't, voltage transformers are SO CHEAP here. Any help or advice would be great Thanks Brett
  2. The strange thing is that the discs that I am trying to play in the D707 were recorded on an older model Sony, not on the MZ 700. The only reason I bought the MZ was because the original MD deck I had was only 240 V compatible. If I had known how cheap voltage converters are here, I would never have left it behind. It was BULLET PROOF. I toured all over Australia with it and it still performed without a hitch. Does it sound like the laser might be shot on the d707? The guy i got it from never used it as he had no discs and didn't know how to use it. he gave it to me gratis and said if I could get it to work to throw him a few bucks. I'm just wondering whether it's worth repairing, and who repairs minidiscs in Canada. Sony don't seem to even want to know about MD in Canada for some reason. It's bizarre because they are very popular with musicians. Much more reliable that midi players. Anyone???
  3. I am a newbie to this forum and was hoping that someone might be able to clear up something for me. I bought a MZ-NH700 in Australia were I used to live. I have just recieved a Pioneer D707 in Canada where I NOW live and none of my disks work in it. Does anyone know if Minidiscs have a region like CD's and DVD's. The error that comes up is "UTOC R ERR" and that one is not in the manual. The "R" is what concerns me. I just recorded music from my Australian MD on the North American D707 and it did not APPEAR to record. (The level meter registered it but it then came up with a "TOC W ERR" which tends to lead me to believe it did not write. but then I put the newly recorded disc BACK in my Australian MZ 700 and it had recored fine. Anybody got any Ideas. I'm not bothered if I need to get North American discs as I have all of my music on file on my computer Thanks OzAustin
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