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  1. Is there any way, besides Sonic Stage, to convert HMA files onto wav?
  2. OK. So I should copy from Sharp to Sony and then upload? Anything done for the HiMD models? What information other than on the RH10 manual itself? Any URL that you can suggest for these manuals?
  3. OK. What can I record on my RH10 that can be digitally uploaded? Can I upload PCM recordings? Something hackeable? Hardware can be hacked sometimes too.
  4. Is there a way I can upload from the RH10? I have several MDs recorded on a Sharp 722 that play on the RH10, but refuse to upload via SS. The message I get is: "Unable to transfer the following tracks to My Library because they are recorded by Net MD or another computer." Is that so? Any way to circumvent that? Carlos
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