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  1. MD collection has been sold! Please close the tread.
  2. I'm still looking for someone to buy my MD collection.
  3. In general this is what went into the collection: Bryco Nylon MD-80 MiniDisc Case: $39.89 on MiniDiscAccess.com108 MiniDiscs (Mostly Sony Color Collection): $159.00 for Sony MDW80CL 100-pack on Minidisco.com ~108 Label sets plus many misprints (Mostly Neato brand): $29.90 ($14.95x2 PressIt A4 Minidisc Labels [60 Label Sets] i.e. comparable to Neato's originals on MiniDiscAccess.com)I don't think I need to charge for the ink on the labels, labor, or music since I have the CDs, lol.Shipping charges will be determined by weight (6lbs 9.5oz) and dimensions of box (TBD); shipping from zip: 21502. So a bottom line price or best offer of $228.79 + Shipping would be generous. PM me if you are interested.
  4. Thanks for the tip oz. I've added the info to both auctions.
  5. I have the following items for sale on eBay: Connects2 ASONWHD001 Sony Walkman Adapter [sold!]Connects2 ASONWHD001 Sony Walkman Adapter (No box/manual) [sold!]Sony MZ-NH900 Hi-MD Minidisc Walkman Recorder/Player [sold!]50 Neato Minidisc Label Sheets, 45 Cases & 15 Blank MDs [sold!][sold!]I'm also trying to sell my huge MD collection, in which all is recorded in ATRAC 292kbps (SP). There are now 108 MDs in the collection, most with album artwork and side labels (artist/album) stored in a Bryco Nylon MD-80 MiniDisc Case (Black), which cost me $50 back in 2003. Almost all the music was ripped from CD over the past few years. If you are interested in the music collection PM me; we can work out a price. Listed below is the collection of music: A Perfect Circle - Mer de NomsArcade Fire - Neon BibleArcade Fire - FuneralBarenaked Ladies - StuntBlink-182 - Blink-182Blink-182 - Enema of the StateBlink-182 - Take off Your Pants and JacketBloc Party - Silent AlarmBloc Party - A Weekend In The CityCake - Comfort EagleCake - Prolong The MagicCake - Fashion NuggetColdplay - ParachutesColdplay - A Rush of Blood to the HeadColdplay - X&YDamien Rice - ODamien Rice - 9Dashboard Confessional - A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A ScarDashboard Confessional - Dusk And SummerDave Matthews Band - Stand UpDave Matthews Band - Before These Crowded StreetsDave Matthews Band - CrashDave Matthews Band - Some DevilDave Matthews Band - Busted StuffDave Matthews Band - EverydayDave Matthews Band - Under The Table And DreamingDave Matthews Band - Live At Red RocksDeath Cab For Cutie - The Photo AlbumDeath Cab For Cutie - We Have The Facts And We're Voting YesDeath Cab For Cutie - PlansDeath Cab For Cutie - TransatlanticismEvanescence - FallenFrou Frou - DetailsGrandaddy - SumdayGreen Day - DookieGreen Day - American IdiotGuster - Keep It TogetherGuster - Ganging Up On The SunIncubus - Light GrenadesIncubus - A Crow Left of the MurderIncubus - Morning ViewIncubus - Make YourselfInterpol - Turn on the Bright LightsJack Johnson - Brushfire Fairytales & Sing-A-Lons And Lullabies for the Film Curious GeorgeJack Johnson - On and OnJack Johnson - In Between DreamsJames Morrison - UndiscoveredJet - Get BornJohn Mayer - ContinuumJohn Mayer - Heavier ThingsJohn Mayer - Room For SquaresKeane - Under The Iron SeaLinkin Park - MeteoraLinkin Park - Hybrid TheoryLive - Throwing CopperMaroon 5 - Songs About JaneMika - Life in Cartoon MotionModest Mouse - Good News For People Who Love Bad NewsMoe - DitherMoe - No DoyMoe - Tin Cans & Car TiresMoe - HeadseedMuse - AbsolutionMuse - Black Holes and RevelationsMy Morning Jacket - ZNorah Jones - Come Away With MeOasis - (What's the Story) Morning GloryPanic! At The Disco - A Fever You Can't Sweat OutPhish - Story of the GhostPhish - FarmhousePhish - A Picture of NectarPhish - HoistPhish - Billy BreathesPhish - Lawn BoyRadiohead - OK ComputerRadiohead - The BendsRadiohead - Hail to the ThiefReggie and the Full Effect - Promotional CopyRooney - RooneyRusted Root - RememberRusted Root - Rusted RootRusted Root - When I WokeRyan Adams - Rock N RollSnow Patrol - Final StrawSnow Patrol - Eyes OpenSpoon - Gimme FictionSublime - 40oz. To FreedomSublime - SublimeThe Beatles - OneThe Decemberists - The Crane WifeThe Fratellis - Costello MusicThe Fray - How to Save a LifeThe Hush Sound - Like VinesThe Killers - Sams TownThe Killers - Hot FussThe New Pornographers - Twin CinemaThe Postal Service - Give UpThe Shins - Wincing the Night AwayThe Shins - Oh, Inverted World & Chutes Too NarrowThe Strokes - First Impressions of EarthThe Strokes - Is This It & Room On FireThom Yorke - The EraserThrid Eye Blind - Third Eye BlindTrapt - TraptTriumph The Insult Comic Dog - Come Poop With MeWeezer - Blue & Green AlbumsWeezer - Maladroit & PinkertonWeezer - Make Believe
  6. Does the MZ-EH1 display all three: artist/album/track info on your head unit? Like can you "use the Sony head unit Repeat setting function to switch display from Album & Track [repeat disk] to Artist & Track [repeat off]..." where "switching display settings... will not take effect until the next track plays or the Track Up or Track Down button is pressed?" What I have found out with my MZ-NH900 is that under normal working conditions it can only display the Artist & Track info with the press of the Display button regardless if I press the Repeat button. However, if I fool around with the Display menu on the unit and switch it to say "Title 1" or "Title 2" I can get the Album info to display but no Track info, it says “NO TEXT” and I can't switch back and forth. What I have noticed when the Display menu is set to "Lap Time" (the default) the Artist & Track info appears immediately on my head unit. This leads me to believe that the ASONWHD001 has been programmed to read the same variables that the LCD on the unit displays. I would venture to guess that any other walkman device that has the "Lap Time" setting in the Display menu could hypothetically have its Artist & Track info displayed on a head unit as well of which the MZ-RH1 does not have
  7. I took bobt's advice and just picked up the RadioShack Universal Low-Power DC Power Adapter (273-1811) today and it works great with my MZ-NH900 when set to 3 volts. It is a bit inconvenient though when I need to actually charge the MZ-NH900 because I have to actually press the stop button but it's really no big deal since the battery lasts long enough when Quick Mode is turned off. I would like to get the Sony DCC-U50A USB Charging Car Battery Adapter but since in the MZ-NH900 manual it states that it is not possible to charge the rechargeable battery in the recorder while using the USB connection, I don't think I will. It would be a wise investment for the MZ-RH1 but I already use the Motorola VC700 Car Charger, which is a lot cheaper.
  8. I found the DCC-U50A USB Charging Car Battery Adapter on Zalmar.com for $19.90. http://www.zalmar.com/detail-Video-A_V_Acc...es-DCC_U50A.htm Guitarfxr, so you've tested the DCC-U50A with the MZ-NH900? Does it actually charge the battery or just provide the unit with power? In the MZ-NH900 manual it states that "it is not possible to charge the rechargeable battery in the recorder while using the bus power connection." Also, since this adapter has the resistance between pins 2&3 as well as power on pins 1&4 (+/-) wouldn't the unit just say its in PC--MD mode and block requests from the ASONWHD001?
  9. I just got my MZ-NH900 today; I'll post some comments and pictures when I get everything in place in my car. Now I'm looking for a car charger that will work with it. Does anyone have any suggestions? I've tried my Motorola VC700 Car Charger but it doesn't do anything. I believe the MZ-NH900 can only use the power over USB via the computer but not recharge from it; so I guess that is why the VC700 doesn't work with it. Anyway, could you still provide power to the MZ-NH900 via its mini-USB port? Also, is there such a thing as a tip that would attach to my Motorola VC700 Car Charger's mini-USB plug to convert it into the plug that is used by the wall adapter?
  10. Bad News! I contacted Connects2 technical support department and this is what they told me about the compatibility of the ASONWHD001 and the Sony MZ-RH1. Connects2: We have not tested the MZ-RH1 with the ASONWHD001, therefore we cannot say whether track titles will be displayed with this Walkman. It sounds like the Walkman uses different software to that of the MZ-NH1 and MZ-NH900 Walkmans that we do support. Me: Do you have plans to test the MZ-RH1 with the ASONWHD001? Connects2: At the moment there are no plans to test anymore Minidisc Walkmans due to lack of popularity. Solution? I just bought a used MZ-NH900 from Amazon for $175. There are some on eBay too! I hope the MZ-NH900 works with my Motorola VC700 Car Charger and fits my Sony Universal Velcro Car Minidisc Case. I'll let you know when it gets here.
  11. I found this app from Sony eSupport website, it says that the "MP3 Conversion Tool can be used to convert non-DRM protected ATRAC® format audio files stored in your computer to MP3 format audio files." Click here for the article and the MP3CONVERSIONTOOL.EXE download.
  12. Eat 'em up! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...y0%3D%26fvi%3D1
  13. What an interesting article. I personally have been using CDNOW.com to find new albums ever since I titled my first MD way back on the MZ-R90.
  14. Well, I can't say I don't get any titles on my head unit; I do get the "(Music Note Symbol) No... (Disc Symbol) Walkman" notice when I disconnect my MZ-RH1, lol.
  15. Yes, the MZ-RH1 automatically stops playing when the ignition/accessory switch is turned off. It also stops playing when a different source is selected or when the off button is pressed on the head unit. I usually use the off button as a pause button since the dedicated pause button doesn't work on the head unit. Also, the group skip and shuffle buttons don't work but that isn't a problem for me. Thankfully, the search/seek buttons work (FR/FF) for both selecting the track you want and seeking to a particular spot in a track forward or backwards. I just really wish I could get the titles to display now.
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