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  1. wow, you have no idea how long i spent looking for that. thank you so much! (wow i feel like an idiot)
  2. Hi, i'm kinda new here and i just got a new MZRH1! So far it's amazing! But when I heard some talk about digital pitch control.I looked in the manuel, i see that is has an extreamly short paragraph about it and it doesn't even say how to use it!?!?! Can somebody who also has one please try to direct me on how to use it?
  3. Now I'v had my MZ-505 for a number of years, and it worked great! (key word being worked) Well i'm going on a long trip and i decided to break out a NEW MD for the trip. Well after the 9'th song or so it will not play the rest! It playes the others fine and plays up to the end of the 9'th song but after that it just makes alot of noise (nothing from the headphones) and then numbers start to move after a while but still nothing! I thought, OK don't worry, it's just the disk. So i switched it and low and behold, the samething happened! Even after i cleaned the lazer and everything it still does it. (yes i have taken it appart before and i have cleaned the LAZER before but never had a problem) Please Help! what can i do? is it something to do with the software? (i use OpenMG Jutebox Version (all the songs are in LP2 mode)
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