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  1. Thank you! Downloading as we speak. Has anyone tried the beta version? Any serious bugs? Looking forward to sharing the results. Cheers, T.
  2. I have Sony's Oxford Restoration tools plug-in (which can only be used in Pro Tools). Unfortunately, because I use Logic, this option doesn't work. I also have Sound Soap LE. I'm interested in learning what programs or plug-ins forum members are using to clean up audio files recorded in the field. I have one interview in particular that was recorded in a less than optimal setting (Starbucks) which definately needs cleaning before being radio ready. The results using the LE version of Sound Soap were less than ideal. Either Mac or PC suggestions could work since I use both platforms. Cheers and thanks in advance for any insight, T.
  3. Thanks to all for the helpful responses. T.
  4. Hello all, a very informative space here. Just picked up the MZ M200, and am overall very pleased with as I record new audio. My problem though is what to do with the audio interviews archived on a pre HI-MD machine from CD. I am editing a compilation of my previous interviews, one in particular which I copied from a damaged CD onto MD for archiving. To my chagrin, when I popped the MD with this interview into the MZ M200, it played (good), showed up in Sonic Stage (good), but it wouldn't allow me to transfer the file to the library because it was previously recorded from a CD or MD. (Sony's Copyright protection? Fine except when you're the copyright holder and can't properly copy your own work). Is my only choice to re-record the file in real time from the output of the MZ M200 into my computer to re-create a first generation audio file? Is there a workaround? Thanks in advance for any help, T.
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