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  1. SUCCESS !!! I tried the technique in the post #2 of this thread and imported the WAV file as raw data into soundforge. Rather than save as a FLAC file I managed to split the imported WAV into 2 smaller WAVs each of about 2.3 GB long. Both of these files open perfectly in Cooledit (my preferred editor). I am so very grateful for all the help. Thanks indeed. Thermocline
  2. Thanks for the replies. I am now sure that the problem is to do with the size limitations regarding WAV files. The file itself is 4.6GB which is much more than the 4GB limit. I have tried downloading some WAV splitters in the hope that the file could be split into two smaller files. The problem with these is that they either only see 70 mins of audio or they report a bad WAV header in which the reported length does not match the file size. As I mentioned already, due to disk space issues, I deleted the atrac file from my HD when the converstion to WAV appeared to have been successfully done. As I only have one or two 1GB disks, I also reformatted the minidisk itself and it has since been re-used. Consequently I do not have access to the original files to convert them to FLAC. I guess this was a lesson in not jumping the gun. Of course the main issue is that I will not be able to get access to the particular location I did the recording in, it has now been demolished. Just in case anyone is interested, I run a paranormal investigation team and we use Minidisks to record sound files from the locations we visit. Some of the recorders are left running in the same place the whole time we are at the location. We happened to be at this particular location for a bit longer than usual. Discussing this with my brother, he also has a couple of over-sized files we have not been able to recover. A solution would be very useful. Thanks again.
  3. Hi All If this has been covered before, sorry. I need some urgent help here and I'd be really grateful if anyone has the answer. I made a recording on a Hi MD 1GB disc and effectively filled the disc completely. I have made long recordings like this before, but not quite filling the disc. I use Sonic Stage to transfer the atrac file to my PC. I have it set up so that it automatically converts the atrac file to WAV. Normally I use another software package to analyse the sound file and do any cropping or whatever. These files can be quite large, several GB long is quite usual. The problem file is in fact about 4.5GB long. The download by sonic stage was without problem. The conversion to WAV seemed to go well and the file size was consistent with the length of the recording. The problem is that when I try to open the WAV file with my normal editor (Cooledit Pro) the aparent length is only 70 minutes or so, not the 7 hours or more that it should be. If I try to open the WAV file with any audio prog, even media player, the result is the same. As I said, the file size is consistent with the number of hours I recorded, I can't seem to find a way to recover from this. Worse yet, I committed the cardinal sin and since the transfer and conversion seemed to go OK I re-formatted the disc and also deleted the atrac file. I would be so grateful for any help on this problem. The recording is quite important and represents the only opportunity I will ever have to record audio from this particular location under those circumstances. Thanks in advance.
  4. Ho Ho Ho - Chortle Chortle Chortle Quite funny actually... I may have fixed this problem. I downloaded the newest version of the software from the sony site and did a clean install. I also changed the USB port I was using. Seems to be somewhat faster now. Still slow, but better. Thermocline
  5. Hi all, I've had a good look but perhaps I'm just being dense because I don't seem to find the exact answer to my question. I have a MZ-NH700 Hi MD which I use to record audio when I go out on paranormal investigations. Recording seems to go find and I don't have any problems with the MD unit itself. I use a high-capacity battery and I can pretty much get 5 or 6 hours of continuous recording no trouble. I feel that the transfer of the recording to my PC is painfully slow, even for a relatively small sound recording. For example, I recorded just under 3 hours of sound and it has already taken over 4 hours to download to the PC. This is my third try as the first two times Sonic Stage just stopped responding. I use Sonic Stage because I don't know of any other software I could use to do the transfer. I believe I'm using the latest version of sonic stage but right now it's in the middle of transferring and I don't want to stop it. My PC if modern and quite fast with appropriate USB ports. I could really do with some advice here guys. I don't like spending so many hours just transferring the files, in fact, it would be quicker and more reliable to transfer the files from the line-out to the PC line in, but then I don't get the quality I need. Any help gratefully received. Thanks Thermocline
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