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  1. So I recorded my band through one mic (plug in power). The file plays in sonic stage just fine but when I try to transfer the song, nothing happens. I click the song, press the arrow <--- and nothing happens. Then I highlighted the song selected transfer song to library and nothing happened. Any ideas? I've reinstalled sonic stage 4 twice. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks a bunch Don
  2. Quick question. I have a bunch of wmvs and aacs at varying bit rates and want to put them on a hi-md disc. Should I change the bitrate of these files? I guess it makes sense but I wanted a little validation Thanks! Donald
  3. The compressor settings I used were: Threshold -35dB, Ratio 10:1, and Attack time .1sec. I am actually going to re-record the tape again because the volume is still a little low and I have figured out how to control the rh1 record volume, hehe. I hope this helps!
  4. awesome deal. I would totally go for it if I didn't have to pay a couple of parking tickets, lol. Good luck selling.
  5. awesome, thanks! I used the compressor settings in that thread you posted a440 and used foobar2000/replaygain to boost the volume, and now the track sounds great! This whole process is way fun, lol, I'm not going to lie.
  6. I'm listening to Jeff Buckley - Grace: Atrac3+ 256k I love this cd after all this time! http://www.google.com/musicl?lid=DG8xGNhaP...c&ct=result
  7. Hey Thanks for all the feedback guys. I couldn't find the audigy program. Maybe b/c I don't have a soundblaster soundcard? I did go the flac-->foobar2000 method and couldn't get the volume of the "spoken" parts of the tape to a volume matching the music. I also failed to do so by normalizing in audacity. I also tried to increase gain on the spoken parts and then normalizing the whole track. Maybe this is a contradictive thing to do. I love cd wave editor! I split all the tracks with no problems. I would still like to increase the volume in the spoken parts more without clipping. Maybe I just need to re-record the track somehow. I made sure to record at the maximum volume level without clipping on the tape deck though. Oh, and maybe tape deck is the wrong label for my Dad's tape "player." It is a portable tape player that was made for recording and such. I will ask him for the model number later. It is a very cool device!
  8. Hello, I have recently copied an old cassette tape of my Dad's using an old marantz tape deck and my rh1 (line in with a mini plug stereo cable). I want to put the recording on a cd for my father and I would like to do so with the best quality that I can. The recording was done at about 80% volume on the tape deck and is a little weak in signal. The recording alternates between Mike Snyder telling jokes and playing bluegrass with his combo. The joke telling tracks are much quieter than the actual music. I don't know if it would be kosher to post a little example of the recording, due to copyright issues, but if possible, it might help to hear the recording for feedback. I appreciate any input. Please let me know if I am being too vague. Thanks, Donald
  9. I just bought an rh1 I am quite happy with the purchase! I am going to use my 707 as my primary player, and as an on the go idea grabber (since I can export SP with my rh1). The Rh1 is going to be used as a loader and a recorder, and on occasion a player (when I have a long day or road trip). Now I just need to get a good mic. I am thinking about making one. It sounds fun!
  10. I actually did read the manual but didn't see anything about not being able to use a mini plug to mini plug stereo cable from an output to the mic input. Actually, not much at all is said about recording on the rh1 in this manual. Do I have the have a special cable to use the line in? Is the "optical mini plug" the same thing as a 3.5" stereo mini plug(example below) http://www.camcor.com/cgi-bin/cat/id=1137506332&src=fg I am sorry for being paranoid, but Do you think I have damaged my rh1 by using the mic input in this irresponsible way? It is brand new after all I appreciate the help.
  11. oh crap, good to know. You don't think I could have all ready damaged it do you? I recorded like maybe, 10 minutes in the mic input at about 20-25% volume on the tape player. If I use the line input, what should I set the tape recorder volume to?
  12. Hey, I just received my new rh1 in the mail and trying to copy a few old cassette tapes to cd. What I have been doing so far is using a mini-plug stereo cable from the tape player's headphone out to the mic in of the rh1. Is there a better way to do this? The tape player is ancient and doesn't have an optical out. The recordings I have gotten so far have sounded kind of muffled. My recording settings were: manual, low sensitivity. The recorder wouldn't let me set recording levels. I am still getting used to the controls so I may have done something incorrectly. I really appreciate it! Thanks, Donald
  13. So I have a lot of files (music, photos, .docs, etc) and I need a safe place to store them. I've had so many problems with CD-Rs becoming corrupt, or DVD-Rs having a "cyclic redundancy error" that I need a better more reliable way to store information. Should I just print off all my Docs, make hard copies of my pictures, and transcribe all my music
  14. I honestly don't know what a lens filter is... I like the look of that lowepro apex 60 Aw, so I may try to find one in stores near me. Does anyone know if the case thing that came with the mz-n707 will fit the rh1? If so I may buy a camera case, and keep it in that slip case thing...maybe that is overkill.
  15. hahaha a "no pod" I actually really like ipods, and I have thought about getting a flash based ipod, maybe a shuffle. I actually took very good care of my 4g though. I bought a really sturdy play through case and don't remember dropping it. The actual ipod has no scratches on it, lol, but it doesn't work. Right now, awaiting the arrival of my new rh1, I have been using my old mz-n707 for daily listening usage. I am planning on switching between the rh1 and 707 depending on what I need for the day. I, oddly enough, am loving the return to everyday minidisc use after 2 years of using it only for recording. The best thing I think about using minidisc is that I don't have 5000 songs on me at all times. I only listened to about 1/4 of the songs on my ipod in 2 years of use.
  16. the MDC 2 looks real nice. 15 shipping to the US though for a 5 dollar case. hmm. I can't for the life of me find that camera case online. Do you have the dimensions or model # for the case? If not, it's cool, I am going to run to wally world sometime to try some cases out. If all else fails, I guess 20 bucks for something that works will do.
  17. the latest pirates of the Caribbean movie. Fun stuff!
  18. Is that case logic model number supposed to be a MPC? If so, that case looks pretty good. sector, what is the model # of the camera case you use? There are so many camera case options! haha. Thanks a lot!
  19. I just bought a Sony ECM-DS70P off of ebay for 9 bucks...I am assuming it is fake, haha. But the seller has 100% feedback and is moving a lot of these mics. I am going to buy an ebay battery or two for my new rh1 I think. life is short.
  20. Hey, I just ordered an rh1 and am looking for a sturdy, portable case to transport in my backpack. I have been using the car kit case for my 707 and it seems to do an ok job, but I have a feeling it'll be too big for the rh1. Any ideas?
  21. sorry to bring back an old thread. I was just wondering what it would cost to import a green machine mic to the US. I am looking for a mic to record some live music. Most of the recording I will do will be open mic stuff, and small/large jazz ensembles, and maybe a wind ensemble or two. I appreciate it!
  22. The 707 I bought years ago works perfectly as well...except that it is missing a screw on the door. Anyone know where to get those tiny screws? Maybe radio shack? In any case, I am excited b/c I have just bought an RH1 and plan on it lasting a while. How is the build quality?
  23. Hey, I just recently bought a rh-1 and am looking for a cheap phantom powered preamp solution for some recording. I have a mobile pre-USB that I use with a cheap condenser mic that I use, but since the pre-amp is usb powered, it is not possible for me to use the mic without phantom power. I bought a ECM-DS70P for cheap and was wondering if it may be possible to, hypothetically, record a guitar track onto the rh1. Run the rh1 through the mobile pre, and in real time, record a vocal track using audacity or something similar. I am pretty new to recording so, this is my attempt at a solution based on my logic ;-) Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks, Donald
  24. Hello again, thanks so much for the buying guidance. I lost my auction for the RH10 and thought...if I am going to spend 200+ on a used item, I may as well spend another 100 for something new. So I bought an RH-1 from minidisco instead. Found the thread with the discount code (that still works) so thankyou! Now maybe this thread can end and you guys can help me figure this thing out
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