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  1. I got it to start only in Virtual XP
  2. thank you for your work! So I need to use virtual xp instead... I will thry the steps above in Virtual XP mode!
  3. The service is set to "manual" Start - I can start it and it is shown as "running" - If I want to cancle the process I get the error message. Sorry, for my bad discription, my english is not the best.
  4. Great tips I did what you said, and I don't get an error message on starting this service! BUT launching SB is still not possible. If I want to cancle the service I get an error 1067"service wurde unerwartet beedet" (something like: Service was already canceled).
  5. I can transfer Music to Net-MD, and I can rename tracks etc. in WIN7 32bit with Sonic Stage 4.3 Ultimate2 EDIT.: THANK you for your help! EDIT2: I managed to uninstall Simpleburner "abgesicherten Modus" in english "Safe Mode"? after that I rebooted and installed SB under normal WIN7 32bit again. (sonic Stage is already installed and working) Unfortunately SB fails to launch.
  6. OK, SonicStage works perfectly under WIN7 32bit Sonicstage and Simpleburner worked perfectly under my WINXP before. I tried to install Simpleburner after Sonicstage in WIN7, but I get an error to restart my PC. Well I did this three times now, but I can't install SB...
  7. OK, to make it clear: 1. I tried Simpleburner with WIN7 32bit. I got it to install, but it won't start, even in compatibility mode. 2. In XP Virtual PC it seems to work for the first 3 tracks. After them it crashes without a error message. I reinstalled virtual xp and did exactly as you wrote in your last post. I installed netDRivers, Simpleburner and Sonicstage 4.3 ultimate2 in virtual XP, but still no luck
  8. Win7-32 does not support the Simpleburner. I can't start it in Win7... (I activated XP compatibilitymode and Admin rights) It just won't start...
  9. Thanks! 1. - I'm definately running WIN7 32 bit. I got XP Mode from herefor 32bit professional. 2. - I'm trying to use simple Burn to copy a CD to Hi-MD HiSP mode 3. - 1-3 files / tracks 4. - No, I never changed the disk. It's my first try to run XP-Mode and SimpleBurn
  10. Hi Guys! I've been reading through the forum quite a while now, but can't find a solution for my problem: My PC is running WIN7 32bit and I want to use simpleburner sometimes. So I installed Virtual XP Mode from Microsoft, added Sonicstage and Simpleburner to the Virtual XP and everything seems to work, BUT: After transfering 1-3 Files to the Hi-MD Rcorder simpleburner closes without an error message. Hi-MD recorder is recognized correctly - same the CD-Drive. Hope you can help me. ruebyi
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